Geometric Yellow Shapes

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Jon & I got back from our Super Fun California trip and we have LOTS to do. We're moving, due to the addition to our family (we love you Gia) and so we've got to pack... by today! Sort of crazy! So I apologize I have been unfaithful in my blogging. Once things slow down a bit again I'll post about our fun trip.

This is Tank & Gia. Tank is Mike (my brother) & Brit (my sister-in-law)'s teacup chihuahua puppy. Gia is our boxer baby. We weighed them and Gia is 8lbs while Tank is barely 5lbs. Can't wait to take a picture in a year to show you their size difference. Haha.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Disney Fun

Hidden Mickeys

So I am going back to Disneyland, and decided to look up some of the hidden mickeys around the park, so we can find as many of them as possible. In my internet browsings I found this:

About 20 miles from Walt Disney World, just off the 27-HWY exists what must be one of the world’s largest Hidden Mickeys. Since this is in Florida, I imagine these are orange trees. But it’s hard to tell for sure.

I can't wait to look for more of them. Check out this link to see a list of some of the hidden mickey's located around Disneyland!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is Full of Little Gifts

So life is wonderful. Simply full of lovely little surprises that make the world brighter & better.
Last week Collette, a girl from work I just adore, brought me a beautiful lemon meringue pie, home made people!, for my gift from her blog. Please see entry "Surprise" It was just so sweet (haha, pun intended) of her, and made me feel special that day. Luckily everyone in the office was willing to have some of it, because I wouldn't be able to eat that on my own.

This week, Jon & I decided we're moving apartments, which you may not think is much of a gift... but that was just the prelude into something better: a puppy! That's right! we're getting a little fluffy bundle of joy! We picked her out this weekend, paid the deposit, and in 1 weeks (once she's 7 weeks old) we get her! She's a little brindle colored boxer! We only saw her for a little, but we've already named her: Gia! She's adorable, and already so obedient. She doesn't quite understand the commands "sit, stay, come" but she tries.