Geometric Yellow Shapes

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorable Memorial Weekend

I am SO glad we got to spend so much time with family. I don't have much to say that I haven't already written, but I do need to post some more darling pictures!

On Saturday, I did some crafts with Rachel & Emma. They loved their fairy wands and crowns, and it was so easy to make. They honestly wore them all day, especially Rachel, who truly believes she lives in a fairy tale.

Beautiful Emma

After Abby woke up from her little nap I was able to make the craft with her, look at her just glowing at her reflection.

This is the best part, when she realized what I was doing and asked "Are you taking pictures of me?" She looks so upset here, even though she really wasn't, and in the next picture she was asking to see herself.

So the boys got a little jealous that they weren't doing projects with me, and got kind of bored of playing with the pups outside. They kept asking me when I'd be done with the girl crafts so I could start doing the boy stuff. So this.... was my solution! A spider on a stick! I hadn't really prepared a boy activity (note for next trip) and so this was my impromptu creation with the left over goodies. But I feel like the options are limitless with a bit of pipe cleaners, bbq sticks, and hot glue.

But I do believe that it turned out to be quite the hit. Quinton was being a stinker though & wouldn't let me take a photo of just him. This was the best I could get.

Evan was much more obliging. Look at his darling grin.

The evening was ended watching some classic Disney cartoons like Moose Hunters and the Skeleton Dance. I love how Michael looks so little in this picture next to Jon.

Colorful Places

I am needing a vacation. Jon sent me this wonderful slideshow and it made me want to move. I would especially like to visit Burano, Venice. Just look at how beautiful and colorful it is. Makes me homesick.

I just would love to hang laundry between buildings, bake sweet cakes and share them with neighbors that literally are on the other side of the wall. I would like to wear dresses and ride my bicycle everywhere. I'd like to sit outside and sew. Hmmm... I would definitely love to live here for a while.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doodle Bug

I spent last night with more of my nieces & nephews and my 8 year old niece Isabel is such a little doodle bug. One of our favorite activities is pulling out grandma's colored pencils & some paper so we can draw. Yesterday, the family was watching Tangled while we drew, so here is our art.

Isabel drew Rapunzel. The cutest part is that the iguana on her shoulder is Pascal. She always wants my input on her art, and I feel so flattered because she's such a natural. I love her and I love that we get to draw together.

My niece Rachel told me I should draw Rapunzel and the floating lanterns, so ta-da!

Of course the whole time I'm bonding with Isabel, Jon is over with Jane & Quinton being the cool Uncle. Or maybe just the comfortable Uncle, because it appears that Jane wants to use him as a pillow, and Q is fast asleep in his arms. Have I mentioned that I love family?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Family is the Bestest

Some more of my darling nieces & nephews have come into town. Look at darling Quinton and Jane. They are just as sweet as they are cute! They sure love Jon too. I definitely think we're the favorite Aunt & Uncle fo sho! But sometimes, I want to be just a teensy bit cooler than Jon.

Here they told me that they were washing the sink, and really needed a lot of soap.

I have the sweetest husband in the world. Jon took my watercolor mermaids & had it mounted on a foam board with a laminate. It looks amazing now, like a real piece of art. He's always so thoughtful. While he was getting it mounted he also bought me a colored pencil sharpener and some markers for my next project. I love him.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being an Aunt

Jon's brother Adam from Arkansas is here visiting all of us. Last night we got to see his darling children. He has 3 girls between the ages of 7 and 2 and a beautiful 3 month old boy. I love being an aunt! Its the best thing! I just love the way little Abby was so shy and reserved, and she wouldn't say a word to me when she first got there. But I just slowly started playing with her, and then I drew her a picture of Rapunzel, and told her about how my favorite princess being Snow White to which she suddenly replied, "I like Ariel better." I could have jumped for joy at that soft sentence! She was talking to me!

And Rachel was the sweetest, yelling out "SavANna" whenever she wanted to show me her sweet little stick figure art with the boobies drawn on. Its so funny what kids draw/notice. Her mom kept telling me how she just sees a little me in Rachel, and I have to admit, her creative princess loving carefree personality rings familiar.

And sweet smart Emma was the perfect big sister, helping me watch baby Michael & telling me just how he likes to be held. All the sisters were so excited at their new addition to the family and called him "my baby." Michael was so full of joy and happiness, and wasn't even fussy after flying across the country.

Being an Aunt is so wonderful, but makes me think about my own aunts. Did they love me as much as I love these beautiful children? And if so, how sad that I haven't been more appreciative of their love and care! I have fond memories of my aunts, remembering them as these beautiful artistic look-a-likes to my mother, or loud and fun Murdocks who always included me as one of their own. So, in case you haven't, remember to thank you aunts & uncles who loved you so much when you were small and probably still love you from afar.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Completed Mermaids!

It has taken much longer than I'd like to admit, but I think this is officially finished. This is possibly my proudest painting to date! This may be in part because I have been so uncreative in the past few years, with work, school, marriage, and other things to keep myself occupied. I am glad that I am back on the creative course I have always loved and want to be a part of. I have had a request for a self portrait (Mom) and I'm currently working on something that is very opposite from my normal style, but a fun challenge none the less. Let me know if you have any suggestions/requests and I'll try to work them in. It always helps to get some feedback & fresh ideas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Jon is leaving on an amazingly awesome trip: Yampa River Rafting! I am so excited & know that he'll have a wonderful time! However, I'm really going to miss him. To show me that he'll miss me too, Jon took me out to our favorite place for sushi: Sushi Ya! It was wonderful. We had lots of salmon nigiri rolls, Jon's favorite. Here is our leftover plates from the massive amounts of sushi we consumed.

Before he left, we were chatting over instant messaging & I asked him:

"what can I do?" Meaning, what can I do to help? He responded with the sweetest IM ever:
you can paint really well, you make eggs like nobodies business, you look really beautiful when you part your hair down the middle. You can work really hard and always have a good attitude. you can give great massages. You can be a great teacher to those you teach. You can exhibit faith better than anyone else I know. You can laugh at the dumbest thing on earth and then when I say something hilarious you don't laugh. You can drive without getting in accidents, you can type really fast. You can make quick work of the dishes. You can follow directions to a T. You can listen really well when someone is depressed. You can lift the spirits of others around you with a simple and stunning smile. You can coordinate your clothing very well. You can watch me carry in all of the groceries. You can support people when they need it. You can make anyone feel loved and appreciated. You can tell mildly funny jokes like a semi-professional. You can listen to Christmas music ALL YEAR LONG. You can exhibit great attributes of love, faith, compassion and charity to those in need. And above all else, you can stand to be with someone who at times is annoying, childish, crazy, loud, pessimistic, rude, extroverted, rough, over-the-top, talks to much, rebellious, unenthusiastic, stingy, cheap, vain, reckless, ignorant, arrogant, ill behaved, crass but despite all of these things loves you with every part of his tiny callous heart.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting back to my roots...

So I am just so grateful for the sun coming out this weekend. Look at how beautiful the backyard is! And our pups sure seemed to enjoy it too. Capone hasn't known much of sunshine. Her whole life has been either snow, rain, or just plain cold weather.

Jon and I took these two on a hike up near Rock Canyon on Friday night. The pups LOVED running around in the little stream by the side of the path and absolutely loved the wide open space. They're so good too, we didn't have to leash them up for our stroll (ok, it wasn't exactly a stroll, but wasn't some intense hike). It was wonderful until we met "Smokes." He was the homeless man camping by the side of said stream. He told us about how the day had lasted longer due to the "shift." He went on to explain Demi Gods & how they had gone into their human forms and that nature was allowing time for their transformation... weird man.

Now... about getting back to my roots. My mom is a southern bell. She always has been and has forever instilled a few of her Southern Upbringings in me. So last night when Jon & I were getting ready for bed, Jon was upset I hadn't made his half of the bed. He likes both halfs to be made up, but I am usually the first in bed and I usually forget. Well, last night I did it. But he came in & said "this is how you make a bed?" My thoughts are, well yes, when you are going to be getting into it momentarily, yes. So I replied:

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth honey."

Jon just burst out laughing! He had never heard of this saying. Go here in case you haven't heard this either. The saying has been around since 1546 and Jon just didn't believe it was a common saying & proceeded to call me a:
Backwards Southern Bumpkin

Then he laughed harder, thinking himself so clever for coming up with such an insult. I'm not upset or offended, because this is just the stuff that Modern Family is made up of!

Task 6

How does your living space reflect your creative nature? Share a picture if you can!

This is my working space, but seeing how I generally spend 8 hours a day here, I feel like it is pretty appropriate to show how creative I am in my little cubby corner. I post inspirational beautiful little photos that I printed off at work, keep the pencil holder stocked at all times with highlighters, extra pens, and even a pencil or two for quick doodles. Scissors & tape if necessary. I also like to keep it neat because I honestly don't have much arm room.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Task 15

Do you like to try new things? What about trying something new do you like or dislike?

In theory I LOVE trying new things! New make-up, new clothes, new food, new movies, new books. I love to try something new... with the exception of art. When it comes to art, I'm mostly afraid to try something new (i.e. oil painting). Mostly, because I start to psych myself out. I worry that it'll turn out horrible, and then what? What if it looks awful? Does that make me an awful artist, and then all that time I spent on it is wasted, and the supplies are now used. It overwhelms me. I can't let that keep psyching me out!

I have the sweetest husband ever.

He looked up art classes in Provo & found me this awesome list of classes and I think I'm going to sign up for some of them. Secretly, deep down, I want to do art forever! So I think that training would be advisable.

But tell me, do you like (or dislike) trying new things?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mermaids cont.

I'm loving the way this is progressing. I've been doing some extra detailing on their mermaid tops (Jon pointed out that the red head's top is the coolest) and even giving the blonde a colorful pearl necklace, adding in some seaweed, and defining their faces even more. Comments, critics, suggestions are all welcome

P.S. if you want me to draw something specific, let me know! I could always use inspiration!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day!

So I know its a couple days late, but I am so grateful for the women in my life! I think there is just not much you can say that has not already been said. But what would you do without your mother? Without that warm hug when you feel lousy, without her words that always were true (even if they were hard to hear), for the warm cookies on late nights, for the time she pulled you out of high school to have a date with just the two of you. Mothers are so amazing, do-it-all women who somehow manage to cram into our tiny brains that we are loved, confident, talented children all while doing the laundry and helping us with school projects, making dinner. What a wonderful day to remember why you're grateful!

On Sunday we got to spend the holiday with two women that I really admire. Derin & Kara. They are huge examples to me of intelligent confident women. To celebrate them, Jon created and made these beautiful chocolates. Its a dollup of white chocolate with black berries, raspberries, yellow raspberries, and blue berries drizzled in a rich milk chocolate. And yes, they were as good as they look.

Later in the evening I spent some time with my darling niece, drawing & coloring. She likes it when I draw & she colors, but I love her little art. She's so talented.

It was a perfect time to practice some drawing though, Isabel loves fairies.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mermaids continued

Although not much visible progress, I did get some painting in on Sunday. I'm feeling good with myself, and thats what matters.

Isabel's Baptism

My super adorable niece was baptised on Saturday. I was so excited to be there with her to support her on this special day.

And had to get one of cute Evan. He sure loves "Jonafan." Its so darling how he never calls him uncle or anything, just Jonafan. But I guess thats better being called "sbana."

Friday, May 6, 2011


I remember driving in the car with my mom & listening to the radio when I was about 6 or 7. I remember singing along when it suddenly hit me:

Every song is about LOVE!

I went on to think of every one of my favorite movies like Snow White, Peter Pan, Toy Story (mostly Disney, I know) and I realized that the driving factor for those was also LOVE! Whether it be about romance, friendship, or family. It was like I had just had an epiphany. I remember saying, in complete amazement to my mom "Every song, movie, and book is about love." She just said, yup. I was amazed. How had I lived my short life & never realized this?

Now that I'm older, I realize that love really does make the world go round. It is what gives food to the poor, lends a helping hand on moving day, writes that compassionate letter, and is selfless. I feel like so much of the world is filled with messages that tell us to think of things besides love: to feel entitled, to purchase more because we deserve it. To feel less beautiful, by displaying versions of perfection on every magazine page, movie poster, and mall advertisement. To feel like our needs are the most important, and that we can excuse every action.

BUT when we love each other, we feel that desire to share our happiness with others. When we accept & love ourselves, we give others the opportunity to love & accept themselves because gossip, back biting, and judging no longer exists. When we truly love, the way the Lord loves us, we look at other needs before our own. We can realize & accept our mistakes & truly try to do better.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, that the Beatles had it right: All you need is love.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I've added some water colors to my illustration. Its far from complete. But I'm having some fun adding some life to it! Hopefully after this weekend it'll be finished (or at least much closer) and I'll update you on the progress as I go.

Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody! Today at my hubby's work they had a fiesta to celebrate. This is a photo of my cute hubby (decked out in festive attire) and his brother Dave. I especially like the mustache over the top of his mustache.

Also, Jon and I spent some time outside with our pups. And I am happy to say that all of the tulips around the yard have bloomed, including a few random ones in the grass. But aren't they so beautiful?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arm Candy

Jon & I just had the most hilarious IM conversation that must be shared. Who knew I had such a witty husband?

Jon: o and btw, the only thing that I want, the only thing I need, the only thing I choose, the only thing that looks good on me...IS YOU!
me: O you're cute handsome I love you and you're all I want/need/choose/looks good on me TOO!
Jon: I look great on you
I am more than arm candy, candy is for little kids but MEAT is for men, so I am arm meet
I am like a arm Filet mignon
me: I like that
Jon: or perhaps an arm new york strips steak (more flavor than the filet, of course)
Jon: that could be your post for the day, since you don't want to expend too much energy or thought on your sick day
me: I think that would actually be a pretty hilarious post
Jon: It would only be funny if it weren't true
but since it is, it isn't funny as much as it is awesome
I wouldner what Michael would be to Brit since she doesn't eat meat
maybe Michael would be like her arm salad
a really good salad of course
that does everything
me: yes of course
like a blue cheese salad
Jon: so maybe a blue cheese spinach salad with strawberries and candied walnuts
me: o yes!
Jon: ha, thats funny that we were almost on the same page
me: I was actually thinking of candied walnuts, but didn't have time to write it

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick Leave

So I had EVERY intention of being so creative this weekend, doodling & painting, even thinking about pulling out the wonderful oil paint set that Jon bought me... but then, life happened. Jon & I were so busy all weekend, and then when I finally thought I would get a chance to do something, I got a head cold yesterday. So for now, I'm sorry that this will have to do for my creative post:

Thank goodness for highlighters at work