Geometric Yellow Shapes

Friday, April 29, 2011

Task 4:

Do some doodling... share it and write about it!

Please excuse my lack of scanner, I have to take photos of what I create. But I love this doodle. Its so happy. Just some mermaids enjoying a sunny day. I plan to watercolor this & then display it! I'll be excited to show you as it progresses.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

East of the Sun

One of my favorite storybooks from my childhood was an old fable called East o' the sun, West o' the Moon. Its basically the Norwegian version of the Beauty and the Beast. Besides the somewhat dark & scary story that always thrilled me, it was the beautiful illustrations that captured my attention.

I can't say which is my favorite, but it might be a tie between the reunion of the lassie & her prince, and the lassie with the candle. For two very separate reasons, one because you can just see how happy they are to be together, and the other because I am in awe of his use of light & dark. His illustrations are just gorgeous and make me want to dye my hair red.

Sadly this book is no longer in print, but I know I have my copy saved somewhere at home, in one of my 3 boxes stowed away, one of which being stuffed to the brim with picture books.

If you want you can also read the synopsis of this Norwegian fairytale. Or you can read the full version.

Task 5:

What artists do you seek out for inspiration?

Mary Blair
Julia Denos
Charles Santore
Trina Schart Hyman
Lorelay Bove
Scott Gustafson
P.J. Lynch

Create a small something based on your source.

What I love most about these artists is their childlike appeal. It feels like as a child this is the world I would have been transported to. Still working on it, but I want to be able to portray that colorful & fanciful imagery that was apart of every day make believe when I was little.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Gia

Yesterday, April 26th, was Gia's 1st Birthday! Its amazing to think she's pretty much full grown, and to think we've had her for 10 whole months! This is her best Predator impression.

To celebrate we took the pups on our weekly trip to PetSmart & let Gia walk freely down the toy aisle, she loved smelling all the different play things. We decided on getting her the most resilient looking one, because its Gia's favorite thing to KILL her toys, quite literally. We also couldn't help getting her some doggie cookie treats.

Surprise Date Night

On Sunday evening, while my hair was pulled up in a claw clip and I brushed my teeth, Jon let me know that he liked it when I put my hair up and let some strands fall in my face. He then off-handedly said that he also like it when I wore my blue button up dress shirt he had gotten me at JC Penny's a while back. I think he must know that I love it when he tells me when I'm pretty because thats exactly what I wore & how I wore my hair the very next day. Little did I know it was a ploy!

Monday he sent me an IM asking what my favorite songs from Les Miserables were. I sent him just a few, he proceeds to tell me he thinks the music is really cool & he's going to buy them from iTunes. Then he invites me to go out to dinner. So when I got home we went to Costco for a hot dog & slice of cheese pizza and soda. You really can't get a better deal, it was only $3. He then told me how he saw this really amazing house just down the road & wanted to show me. A few blocks away, and after listening to a few Les Mis songs we run into Orem High School which has a giant poster:

I was so excited! I could hardly contain myself! The auditorium was enormous & the high school students were just amazing! They had such stage presence & amazing voices. Jean Valjean was really so good!

I have the most thoughtful husband. I don't know how long he was planning this, but it made an impression on me. He listens to what I love and tries to include that in our dates. He loves to surprise me with these thoughtful gestures. I think its time I took a note from Jon & plan something for him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Task 10:

Create something today inspired by nature!

I am loving all the beautiful tulips that are blooming everywhere! There are even some above our window. These tulips are from my Michael, my father-in-law's yard. Jon & I planted these last fall.

So here is my something inspired by nature! Just a quick doodle & some watercolors. Total time: 30 minutes. And I'm feeling good & creative.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Task 25:

Write a simple Haiku.

Radio plays from my car
Voice rising with each turn
Performing for me

You wouldn't think writing a Haiku, only 17 syllables, would be that difficult. I've been staring at the computer screen for 2 hours. Poetry is not my strong point. My favorite Haiku's are:

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.

by Basho (1644-1694)

Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in rage
with no leaves to blow.

by Soseki (1275-1351)

In my old home
which I forsook, the cherries
are in bloom.

by Issa (1762-1826)

First autumn morning:
the mirror I stare into
shows my father's face.

by Kijo Murakami (1865-1938)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Task 9:

Make a list of creative people you are grateful for today.

Walt Disney
By now it should be no surprise that I admire this creative individual!

I love his art. I believe he has such a reverence for the human body. I also love how the bodies have substance, curves, and even rolls in the skin. I love that. Plus, look at the fingers on his statues!

Michelangelo said about sculpting:
"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

Ernest Howard Shepard
Who doesn't love the creator of those iconic Winnie the Pooh and the Wind & the Willows illustrations. I just love how he gives animals such human emotions/expressions.

Lord Frederick Leighton
I love his romantic & beautiful way of depicting women. And I love the way he draws noses. Like real, imperfect noses because there is beauty in them.

Mary Blair
I love Mary Blair, she worked with Walt on so many concepts for the parks & movies. She has such a sweet child like flair to her images. I feel so happy just looking at these.

And there are a ton more I can't even begin to think of. I tried to narrow down this from creative people, to creative artists. Otherwise there would have been quite a few more of these talented people. Tell me some of your favorites!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disney Themed Art

I found this artist today, and a cute series of Disney themed canvases he's made. I love love love them!

Doodle, Paint, & Post

I painted this two nights ago! I am pretty pleased with it. Just a quick doodle & some water colors. Its a map of Neverland, as I visualize it anyway. I can already feel the creative juices flowing, soon I'll doodle, paint, and post more! Wahoo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Instant Message

This is my IM conversation with my husband after my last post:

me: I posted on my blog
Jon: I know, I already saw it, like forever ago
me: you did?
Jon: thats what I said, don't wear it out
me: what did you think?
Jon: stupid
me: why?
Jon: that you feel overwhelmed by other peoples art, especially since they are inferior and don't have as much talent in their whole body as you do in one thread of your brush
me: really? I dont think so handsome, but I love you
Jon: you could do any of that stuff if you wanted
me: Thank you handsome, I just feel like I don't have any techniques. I only took the one art class in High School & he just let me do whatever I wanted.
Jon: Its because why train a hawk to fly when it was meant to soar
me: I don't quite understand that but does it mean I'm supposed to attack?
Jon: no, it means that you don't have to teach a hawk how to fly, it was born with it. You would never have to teach it how to just fly when its intuition or natural born skill was to do so much more

I have the cutest husband who believes in me the way I wish I did. I love you Jon.

Artistic Block

We all know the term Writers Block, but I believe I am experiencing an Artistic Block...

Not in the general sense of writers block, meaning that you are at a loss of subject matter, or what to draw/write next, not like that. No, I have images created in my mind that I would like to draw but I am afraid. I have such vivid colorful creations thought up, and I fear that drawing them will destroy them. A little dramatic? Maybe.

What I would do if I wasn't afraid! I'm SO worried I'll ruin a good drawing that I refuse to color it. Or, I am afraid to see how lack luster it looks on paper that I wont draw. I have this fear that I can't reach my dreams of being an artist. Not that I need to be hired, published or anything. I just want to be an artist in my own eyes.

I look at blogs like this or this or at etsy & see these or these and I feel ashamed. That I could never create such beautiful things. And its all so stupid!

When I let myself just go off & create I am always extremely happy with the time I've spent. I am always pleased at this little triumph. But I never take my art seriously, because if I do that then I might be disappointed by what the end result is.


I took on this challenge to push myself to be more creative daily. And because of fear I haven't let it happen! But no more! I will be actively creative & reflect that here in my blog! Art should make you feel emotions, and inspire! And I want to inspire myself! So here I come world. One step closer to being an artist!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple Flowers

I never posted these, but this weekend Jon & I planted a few flowers around the house. So here's my new basket, which is above our door, and then our two cute girls: Gia & Capone. It was a perfect day. We spent the the morning outdoors, cleaning & planting & playing. Such a perfect Saturday.

Task 2:

What colors are meaningful to you and why?

This color, scientifically speaking, amazes me. How can this be a combination of all the colors? That just blows my mind. White is not a lack of color, it is when all colors come together to create this. White is also able to be split into every known color in the world! I know I'm not properly explaining it, but thats because I don't fully understand it.

Springtime is my favorite, and its because of the beautiful green you see everywhere. I love how it just makes me think of beautiful smells & fresh new growth. I can't help looking at a lush green hill side & imagining sitting on it, feeling the cool breeze, and just looking at the sky or reading a book. It makes me wish to never work again.

My favorite color. I think it is the most feminine color to wear and compliments almost everyones skin, hair, & eyes. Plus, purple springtime flowers (like the ones I have in the basket near our door) are just stunning.