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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DAY 14: Wednesday

Today was Mike, Jon's Dad's Birthday! Well officially it is on Saturday the 23rd, but we wanted to celebrate as a family. A few weeks ago, when Jon & I were in Disneyland, we saw a statue and knew it would be the perfect present for Mike. It was a bronze replica of the statue in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. The one of Walt holding Mickeys hand and gazing over the park. We called up all of Jon's siblings and asked if they wouldn't mind pitching in so we could get it for him.

Wednesday night came and I excitedly wrapped the gift thinking what great gift givers we are! Little did I know how much Mike would appreciate this gift from his children. Isabel & Evan were there, and helping grandpa open each of his birthday presents. When ours came, they happily tore at the paper. Mike saw the image of the statue on the outside of the box and slowly his mouth turned down, and his eyes began watering. Isabel & Evan knew it was time to let grandpa finish unwrapping. He held the statue gentle in his hands and shed silent tears, saying "thank you" over and over.

The greatest part about birthdays, holidays, & presents are the ones that really mean something to the receiver. How grateful I was that day, to have been part of those that gave.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 13

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful sight! A clean beautiful bedroom. The sun was dimly lighting our room, so I was able to see just how nice it looked in here. I can't tell you what a difference it makes in your life.

Shelby went in for an emergency surgery today. My phone has not been receiving text messages or calls or voicemail lately, so I didn't even know until Brit came to work to let me know. She had a cyst on her ovary and had to get it removed. All day I was trying to think of ways to see her, to get to California and be with her, even if she was too drugged to notice me. Luckily, she is ok. But I am feeling really restless, like I really want to see her soon. I just know that if the roles were changed it would feel really wonderful to have my sister there with me. It was strange, but just yesterday I was thinking about her. Everybody thinks about their family, but I actually thought, I should call Shelby, but I didn't. Now I wish I had.

I was thinking about a couple of months ago when she and I saw New Moon together, and we'd been gabbing about what we'd thought about the movie and almost walked into the boys room instead of the girls. This nice man turned around right before we entered and said politely "I don't know if you ladies realize this, but you're about to walk into the men's room." We gasped, giggled and ran to the opposite side with the woman on the door. Yesterday I almost did the same thing in Costco, and it made me think to call her.

Tonight Jon made Mike, Brit, & I the most amazing meal with all Veggies! Ok, technically tomatoes are fruit, but still. It was so good! He made an Apple Caprese Salad, Asparagus with a Lemon Glaze, & Peeled Peppers in a Balsamic Reduction Sauce. It was so amazing! This is a picture from tonight. I forgot to get a picture of the food before we devoured it, so I just got one of Mike & Brit.

Monday, January 18, 2010

DAYS 11 & 12

Day 11
Sunday dinner's with Jon's family. We had some amazing spaghetti and meatballs. Honestly, I don't crave that very often, but smelling that while Derin was cooking was absolutely divine. I wanted nothing else by the time dinner came around.
Dave wanted a special desert and only had it off of his iphone, it was a Betty Crocker recipe for "chocooooolat dream bars." Derin could't figure out his phone, so Dave had to read it to her step by step. Thus ensued the most hilarious recipe reading in history. Dave would start back at step one each time and say "did you do that mom?" O my goodness it was driving her crazy. Jon and I just thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing. Finally tho, the recipe was read and the dream bars were baked, cooled, & devoured.

Day 12
Jon and I had Monday off of work. It was so nice to sleep in until noon, my job doesn't give me that luxury very often. We ate our casual lunch at McDonald's of McDoubles for $1. Yes, that is 5 whole McDoubles Jon has.
When we came home we cleaned up our bedroom. I wish I could show you the before, instead of just the after, because that would show you what an improvement this is. Basically, our bedroom had become the storage space. Everything that didn't fit in other areas of the apartment were sent to our room. The result was basically chaos, and although I didn't realize it at first, I was becoming increasingly grumpy due to the clutter. But now just look at it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 10

Day 10 - Saturday

Jon worked today, but we were able to go out to Lon's Cook Shack! We had never been before. They had this amazing BBQ sauce. I had the pulled pork sandwich and Jon had the beef brisket. Boy that was yummi! (Jon despises that word) They have this spicy competition coming, and if you're able to eat this item in a time limit, you get your face put on the wall! Jon & I aren't doing it, but I'm thinking we should get Michael to do it, he has a knack for spicy things. Ok, Michael just has a knack for eating things in general.

Later we went out and Jon got two games for the PS2, someday I'll get him the PS3, but not today. I would like you to look closely at those eyes of my husbands... look very close. Notice anything? Can You see how his eyes are slightly ascew? He thinks its hilarious to do that in every picture we take. So I've decided to let the world see his "adorable" face. If I sounds bitter its only because it is frustrating to take a picture and have ... that.

I know I am very sarcastic, but in reality, I am so happy to be living! I have a great job, we live in a beautiful apartment right down the road from my brother, we're able to see Jon's family every week, and on top of all this, I want for nothing. For example, today I got my acrylic nails filled. I'm just so lucky.

My husband is so wonderful. I'm kind of a sleepy head and usually go to bed before he does. When he comes in he always hugs me, tells me how much he loves me, and then cuddles with me for the rest of the night. And in the morning when I leave for work, he smiles sleepily and kisses me. Whenever he can he always picks me up from work for lunch and we go to McDonald's and get McDoubles for $1. Whenever I get ready to go anywhere, he always tells me how beautiful I look. Always, even if I don't agree. And he loves to make me meals, and they're thoughtful meals. The other night I mentioned that I was in the mood for soup, offhandedly, and the next night he made me this amazing creamy turkey noodle soup. Honestly, I don't believe I have anything to complain about.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DAY 8 & 9

So, I'm supposed to write in here every day... but as you can see, I stinketh at it. I am trying tho! Ok, lets start from Day 8 shall we?

Day 8 - Thursday

Jon & I watched the movie: House Bunny. My favorite quotes are:

"Do you know where the crapper is? I'm about to do a very mysterious thing (drop some timber.)"
"Kindness is just love with its work boots on"
"The eyes are the nipples of the face"

Day 9 - Friday

We went bowling with DAVE! I bowled (drum roll please) a 101!!!! I only hit the bumpers twice. Dave couldn't help but say the whole time that we needed to go bowling more often. He really loves it. We went bowling with him back in December and he got a turkey, 3 consecutive strikes! I haven't ever seen him that happy except on Christmas when he got a giant stuffed Mickey Mouse! We had such an amazing time because you could see how happy Dave was to have us there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DAY 6 & 7

I went back to work yesterday, and honestly was feeling amazing. No worries, I was thinking I was on the road to recovery and then... this morning happened. I was seriously gross. I don't know how my husband can cuddle me when I'm croaking and sniffling. I certainly didn't feel like coming to work this morning, but I knew I was one lucky lady who gets to sit on her butt all day. So I came. In fact that's where I am right now, on my lunch break.

Today we've rearranged our office and the Customer Service Department's desks have been downsized... I know I posted a picture of my desk before, but this one is much much smaller. But I like it, its kind of snug, and it lets me be right next to my favorite person at work... BRIT!

So married life is wonderful. Its just a million times better than anything I've ever known. Granted, I did marry the first man I ever loved and I am only 20... but still, its great. But the thing I've had to learn is the importance of knowing how to laugh at situations. For example:

Last night, Jon and I were playing with our Nerf guns and he kept getting suspiciously close to me. I had very seriously told him it was important to NOT hit my face, and then... BAM! In my eye. I started crying, and then I was upset that he hit me so I kept crying. Jon started laughing, and that made me even more upset so I continued to cry. He scooped me up and hugged me and told me I was beautiful but kind of ridiculous.

Eventually I laughed at the situation, but honestly I think I would've stayed mad at him. And really, is a Nerf dart worth it?
I don't think so.

So here I am blogging away, drinking coke and having a delicious beef stew/soup. My life is perfectly simple.

Monday, January 11, 2010

DAYS 3, 4, & 5

Sorry I've neglected to write. It's been a crazy weekend. Saturday I was in a home made movie all day long in the cold, doing an action scene and being thrown into the snow and shivering like crazy. As a result, Sunday & today I've been sick with a cold. Yuck. But, I did promise 3 pictures. Most of these are from Saturday night, Jon & I got a Nerf gun, and we took Tank to Jon's parents home. You can't really read it, but those guns have names. Jon's has been dubbed "The Judge" while mine is "The Punisher." Nerf guns are great because they don't hurt too bad when they hit you. Jon actually hit my face, and the dart stuck to my cheek. The last picture is of our adorable niece Isabel. I love that girl! She's only 6 but acts so mature for her age.

Jon has been so sweet to me today. He's brought me meals and tucked me into bed. He even put on my favorite movie The Princess Bride and made a bed for me on the couch so I could watch. I've been sleeping a good 75% of today. I love to sleep, I mean really really love it. I like a good 8 hours of sleep at night. So you can only imagine how much I like sleep when I'm under the weather. In fact, I'm thinking sleep sounds great right about now.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Puppies are wonderful! Tank (Mike & Brit's puppy who is spending the weekend with us while they're out of town) is just fun and everything is done with all his energy, he plays so hard. One second he'll be gnawing on your fingers and the next he's out, snuggling up in your arms. Its so nice to be reminded of simple joys in life: eating, sleeping, playing, and being loved. If I could be reincarnated after I die, I think I'd like to be a teacup chihuahua. Think about it. I don't know about anyone else, but sleeping and being snuggled all day sound like the life to me.

Today Anna came over and visited us! I missed that girl. It was so nice to just have her here and not have to talk about anything in particular. She told us all about the amazing people she met while in Ukraine and I realized how much people mean to me.

I believe in eternal families, that they will be together forever. And I believe that when all families are eternal, that will tie all of us together. I can feel the connection when I am with the ones I care about. I can just tell that they'll always be important. I don't know if that means we're going to be neighbors in heaven. I think it might be like those friends where no matter how long you've been apart you always know how special you are to them, and it's almost as if you never left.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Just Got A Blog!


So, blogs have kind've been on my mind lately. I watched Julie & Julia, about a blog and food, in case you're wondering. I realized pretty much all of my friends have their own. And today at work, I heard about this great idea where you post a picture each and every day of the year in order to:

1. find something to blog about &
2. get yourself taking more pictures

So here I am blogging away. How great is that? I've been told today the world is full of more narcissistic people than ever. I guess I just joined that group, because I am assuming that someone would actually enjoy reading about my young & fairly normal life. I keep a journal also, and technically I am keeping it with the thought that someone in the future is going to want to know what I think about, so technically I'm just the epitome of narcissism.

The picture included is a photo of my desk at work. Ya, I'm on my lunch break. That's a cactus cooler on the desk. I forgot my lunch at home. My husband was sweet enough to put it in a container in the fridge for me too, and I forgot it. O well, I'll just be extra hungry when I get home.

About Me:

I'm guessing most of you know me, so I think I will include 5 things you may or may not know about me...

1. If I could live, die, and be buried in Disneyland... I would
2. My favorite colors to wear are purple and grey, but not necessarily together
3. I am planning to be famous to someone someday
4. When I was little I believed in Peter Pan just as much as I believed in Santa Claus
5. I draw pictures constantly

So there is a little more about me. Hopefully I didn't bore you, and if I did, thats ok, because I can already tell... I'm going to love blogging!