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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Back

I'm back. And yes, I've been gone for far too long, but no moping about it, we'll just move forward. So this last little while has been sort of crazy. Our sweet little puppy Gia, who is now 7 months, broke her leg a month ago. Its been a long expensive month, full of doctor appointments, open wounds, and splints breaking. Frustrating to say the least. But yesterday we took her splint OFF! She's back to her cute little self. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the splint off in time for family photos, she'll be forever immortalized by her little stiff leg.
She's such a fun little dog, but its been so hard to keep her mellow and to keep her from running and jumping during this whole month. Keeping her confined has caused a few problems... lets just say that Jon had to buy a new phone charger, and I'm using the car charger because of an incident with an extension cord.
Life has been so great! I'm glad to get back on the routine of writing on my blog, because writing daily reminds me where the Lord has blessed me. Even though we've had some unforeseen expenses, I am so blessed to still be fine, I'm still able to pay rent, purchase food, and even get some things just for fun.
What a wonderful life!