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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday - Tuesday

We met Lola, the cutest little lab puppy ever. Only 7 weeks & a total tub. Gotta love that face though. Jon was especially sweet with her, he cuddled up next to her under the table. Say cheese honey!

Happy 25th Birthday Michael!
We went laser tagging at LAZER ASSAULT next to the grocery store with Michael & some of his friends. It was a blast (haha, no pun intended) except that my gun would only hit somebody if I was right up on them. Lame. O well.
We bought Michael 4 lovely steaks for his grilling & devouring pleasure. My brother is actually pretty easy to buy for: food or blue ray dvds or remote control toy. Really not to complex.

We've had to move our special dinner nights to Tuesdays for a while, but thats ok. Tonight we made...
A Cumin Seared Salmon with Garlic Potatoes & Carrots. It was amazing! I don't even really like fish & I loved the way my husbino made this one!

Friday & Saturday

What a horrible blogger I am. And what an eventful past couple of days to update you on:

Jon & I had an "Office" marathon with our cousins Dan & Aubrey. Lots of candy, chips & salsa, root beer floats, the works. And, I laughed like crazy! I think because I work in a call center, above a warehouse that deals with paper (we make paper products, like books, cards, & posters) I can often really relate to the show. However, I think my office is full of a lot more normal people, who I enjoy working with (unlike Creed & that red-headed lady, they're weird & the show could lose both of them & I wouldn't care).


This is a day to remember! Its a Hindu celebration of some sort where all they sing is 3 words: "Hare Krishna Rama." Everybody throws colored & perfumed corn starch on each other after the bonfire is lit. I don't even really think I need to comment on it either. The pictures pretty much say it all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday Dinner!

Last night we made this amazing almond chicken & ham friend rice! Jon made a marinade for the chicken to soak in for 1/2 an hour, while I made the batter & the sweet & sour sauce. The sauce was basically honey, sugar, ketchup, & vinegar. (Who thinks of that kind of combo?) The chicken was cut into smaller peices, then dunked in the batter, then we boiled that in oil.

I felt so amazing. I have NEVER really felt like a cook, my handsome husband is going to culinary school & he has always been the chef between us. But last night I helped make something truly beautiful & tasty. Its weird, but I felt so accomplished making the chicken, watching it brown in the oil, pulling it out, coating it in warm honey sauce I'd made, and then as I ate it think to myself "this is better than my favorite Chinese Buffet."

Am I a chef? No... I don't think so, but I really enjoy food. I mean I really enjoy it. Its beautiful, its satisfying, and I appreciate those who work so hard to make it for others. Am I a chef? No, but I am an amazing recipe follower! And not to shabby of a "su chef" (I don't know if that's how you spell it) for my husband.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disney Dinners!

Taking note from the film Julie & Julia... Jon & I have set some cooking goals! Jon received this cookbook last year for his birthday, filled with recipes from Disneyland, Disney World, & the Disney Cruises. So, once a week we're going to be creating one of their recipes.
Yesterday, we made the famous White Cheddar Soup. It had onions, celery, bacon, beer, white cheddar, flour, chicken broth, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and milk. It was delicious, but we've modified it a bit so next time it will be even better (no Tabasco or beer).
I was really excited to buy the beer, having just turned 21 this past Sunday I was really excited to have someone ID me, the newly legal girl. Sadly though, no one checked my ID, apparently Jon's bald & bearded took away all inklings that we were under 21.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend with Disneyland!

This is the man who let me listen to Disney music to my hearts content, stood in line with me for 45 minutes to ride Peter Pan, and took me to dinner at the Blue Bayou: resulting in the most wonderful birthday weekend ever!

I love how it allows you to be like kids

And makes you feel little again

But sometimes I worry what we are teaching our children?

Return of CAPTAIN EO! Michael Jackson you live on in our hearts! Exactly as it appeared in 1986!

"Hold onto your hats & glasses folks... cuz this here's the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!"

Brandon learned the hard way that the one in the front seat gets soaked... and everyone else remains mostly dry, minus their shoes & socks.

Yo ho Yo ho A Pirates Life For Me!
*Fun Fact: It was on Pirates of the Caribbean that Jon asked me to marry him*

The Siblings!

"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"

I love Disneyland! So very much!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

So this Sunday is my birthday! And in celebration Jon & I are going to join Mike & Brit for their Disneyland Day tradition! (Every year Mike & Brit are going to Disneyland on the second weekend of March with their family & anyone who wants to is invited) So we're going! And last night Jon gave me my present early!!!!!!!

A beautiful, compact, RED camera!

He gave it to me early so that I could practice my digital photo taking skills before we get to Disneyland. I have the most thoughtful husband in the world! I was cranky last night, complaining about the T-shirts I had made for Mike, Brit, Jon & I. I've put Wall.e on Michael's, Eve on Brit's, Scar on Jon's, and Maleficent for me. You see I made them and didn't account for the size of my breasts and (because I wasn't thinking) placed Maleficent right over my left boob. When I put it on I about screamed at my stupidity. Jon said it didn't look so bad from his angle, but I don't want anybody looking at me there from any angle! So I was angry at the world, and that meant my husband got most of it. And instead of getting angry he said that the shirts were still beautiful and I should take a picture of them for my blog. Angrily I said "no way!" So he sweetly pulled out my little camera!

Why are husbands so amazing? Instantly I realized I was being childish & cranky and realized I had someone who loved me more than a stinkin villain shirt with the character over my chest. Thank you Jon!

I will keep you all posted on our Disneyland adventures!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heritage Makers

So I work for & LOVE! I work in Customer Support & love talking to people all day & helping them create these amazing scrapbooks, canvases, & posters. In fact, I make lots myself. I don't necessarily print them, but I have a blast creating them. This week I created two 8x8 canvases. I think they would look adorable as a "His & Hers" artwork in someones home. Or even as like bathroom mounts for Mens & Womens. However, I cannot print them. Maybe some other month when I have more monies :)

Here they are: