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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disneyland with Daniel & Heather

So last week Jon & I went to Disneyland with some of his family. We meet up with Derin & Dave, we also spent our time with Daniel, Heather, and their three darling kids: Quinton, Jane, & Lucas. Not much can be said for how much more fun (and tiring) Disneyland is with kiddos. And these kids to be honest were so well behaved, not giant huge breakdowns due to exhaustion and hunger. Just little moments of "Pleeeeeaseeeee hold me before I die!" and then they were fine. Quinton was tall enough to ride a lot of rides, like Splash Mountain, Soaring Over California, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, etc. and he loved it. This brave boy wasn't even frightened.

Little Miss Jane was just as darling as ever, and I held her everywhere. I actually got a bruise on one of my arms from excessive holding of children (don't worry I bruise easily). My favorite time with her was seeing her dolled up after the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique and as she met with the different characters. She just couldn't stop looking at them. You could tell she knew they were her animated friends come to life before her eyes.

And baby Lucas has to be the happiest little 7 month old I have ever spent time with.

Enjoy some more photos from the trip!

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