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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Yard Work

Mike's been unable to do the work himself. So we, and Mike's 4 brothers came to help out.

So the morning started, with lots of weeding.

I really wish I knew what Jon was saying here.

Dave worked hard too! And took all of these great pictures.

Mike seemed to be enjoying his morning with us.

Before we knew it we had 30+ volunteers show up! What would have taken us all day took us a matter of hours. I can't explain how touched we were by their hard work. It was amazing. The love of the ward for Mike & Derin was incredible.

All of these volunteers gave us a chance to rest!

All the brothers, like Tim, couldn't keep from goofing off.

After it was all over & the brothers left for their homes, Mike found this: his brother Rob's work boots (which Mike had been complimenting all weekend) with a sweet note saying "hope they fit." It was just an amazing weekend, filled with thoughtless service from those around us and family love.

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