Geometric Yellow Shapes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I watched a film called "Phoebe in Wonderland." I feel like I am always intrigued by those make believe worlds created in books and movies. While they take me to other places, I always feel enlightened and wiser when I leave. In Alice In Wonderland they ask,

"Do you ever run so hard only to stay in the same place?"

Yes. But you still grow stronger from the running. Sometimes you feel so lost, so disconnected from who you wanted to become, you feel the hope that you will accomplish your dreams slip away from you. Yet somehow I always remember that the running makes me stronger. I'm not in the same place. Not really.

One of the biggest themes in Alice in Wonderland is "who are you?" Obviously, I am Savanna. But the bigger question is, who am I? And I think its safe to say that none of us really know who we are. Yet daily we decide what our actions are, we decide what decisions to make, we utilize the agency that truly makes each of us unique. How beautiful the world is when we embrace the opportunity to decide who we are.

I drew this about a month ago, thought it was appropriate.

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