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Thursday, August 18, 2011


My husband recently sent me an email with things he had learned in the past year. It was about what Mike, Jon's father and his ongoing struggles with cancer has taught him. He wanted to express how he had come to realized that "it seems easier to appreciate and really love those around you without feeling strange, awkward or weird by telling them of your feelings." It was most of all a simple testimony of love. Jonathan has always been so good with words, able to convey so much in very few. He is always able to make you feel loved. This is his list:

1. Life is fragile.
2. Never miss an opportunity to tell others of your feelings for them; whether it be of love, admiration or a compliment.
3. While life is fragile it is we who must be strong.
4. The frailties of life mustn't destroy our happiness.
5. Beauty, love, happiness and peace can be found all around us.
6. Often times, to recognize those listed in #5 we must sit back, and look with our hearts rather than our eyes.
7. God's love for us, his children is evident in every event that occurs in our lives.
8. Our family is a forever family
9. Beyond what I originally had been revealed to me I have come to realize more of David's healing and comforting power given him by Heavenly Father
10. My father truly loves my mother (and doesn't care who knows it)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it a lot!