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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie Night

I love going to the movie theaters! I mean I really love it! But my husband posed the question: whats so great about them?

Its true they're sticky & noisy. And sometimes you happen to sit in front of that guy who is 7 feet tall. And still, sometimes you end up in a group of people who laugh at all the right places, and the entire theater smells like fresh popcorn, and the chairs are the comfy reclining kind, and who can forget the brand new exciting previews you can't see anywhere else?

Unfortunately newly married couples do not often have the luxury of going to the movies (unless they are treated by friends & family) and Jon & I are no different.

But last night was monumental! Jon had purchased a "movie kit" complete with Root Beer Bottles & Candy & popcorn. And we pulled our chairs up close to the TV & watched our first Blue Ray DVD, Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince! And let me tell you, it was amazing. It was the first time I had that theater excitement in my own home! Everything was there (minus the previews & laughing people)but those are things that can easily be replaced but the warmth of your home and the comfort of the pause button & the bathroom being so assessable.

I can't say that I will never want to go to the theater again, but knowing that I can feel that movie feeling at home makes life seem much more bearable!

Thank you husband!

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  1. I love the big big screen, The idea that I am not at home, getting presentable for public, a movie I have never seen, the sound system and how dark it gets...even with the little lights on the stairs.
    Good job with the "home theater". Jon is amazing.
    By the way...I looked for him at Olive Garden Friday night but I didn't see him. I was glad he wasn't my waiter cause I ordered salad and soup...We did tip well though.