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Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes... I love technology

So today Jon got to trade in his crap computer (which they've tried to fix 4 times) and trade it for... drum roll please... a MAC! Life is good, o yes, life is good. And, last week we received our tax return and... drum roll please... we got a PS3! Happy early Valentines day!

Last night Jon & I played a demo of a game called "Army of TWO" and I don't really like playing games very often but this one... I liked it! Surprised? So was I! So was Jon! The reason I liked it is because it forces Jon & I to work as a team. I hate when we play against each other because I never win. Never. We have to watch each others backs and take people out for each other. AND the best part is that we can switch the difficulty levels to suit each of us, which means I get to be on the easiest level! I never knew I had such a knack for shooting. Haha.

I am just so happy today. Life is good: my husband loves me, I have a great job, my apartment is clean, and Valentines day is this weekend! I love you honey!

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