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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Credit Card

So the other night Jon & I were up a little later into the night. Well... when it gets late I get one of two ways: Fun or Grumpy. So I was in a more fun mood (but you never know I could turn at any second) and was laughing and having a good time, when Jon gets up, I seize the opportunity and give him a credit card. Which is not the nice shiny card that buys you hearts desire but is essentially this:

But when you give someone a credit card use your hand to swipe. Anyway, to retaliate he rubs back and forth between me wee bum. Needless to say I scream out
"You're giving me butt burn"
short for an Indian rug burn between my cheeks! Jon bursts out laughing and told me if I didn't post this I could look forward to further pain. So I apologize for anyone who reads this post and is offended, but it was a risk I had to take!

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  1. I hope poor Michael doesn't read this post about his sweet innocent sister!! Haha, I had a roommate that used to credit card us EVERY time we turned around... oh my gosh - she still deserves a butt burn!! PS. You should probably do an extra spell check on the first sentence of your second paragraph - I accidentally laughed more at that than anything else. I'm sorry - too funny!