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Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's have a Laugh

Its fun to laugh. It releases endorphins, which as Legally Blonde explained "endorphins make you happy." So, I had some laughter this weekend, and need to share.

This first clip is Dave with our dogs (taken a few weeks ago). Their weekly routine is that Dave gets the hose (of course to fill their kiddie pool) but ends up spraying them, in the face, for the next hour. And the dogs go nuts for it! Especially Capone. And it makes Dave happy. Its a win win all around.

This clip is when Jon was searching his parents pond for their turtles (they seem to have gone missing). Its not very long, but you'll want to have the volume up for this one.

And finally, some extra fun. Who doesn't adore babies laughing, and baby hummingbirds? Trust me, if you have a moment you should watch these.

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  1. What fun! I'm not so sure I could ever ever swim in a pond so...Thick(?).