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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friday & Saturday

What a horrible blogger I am. And what an eventful past couple of days to update you on:

Jon & I had an "Office" marathon with our cousins Dan & Aubrey. Lots of candy, chips & salsa, root beer floats, the works. And, I laughed like crazy! I think because I work in a call center, above a warehouse that deals with paper (we make paper products, like books, cards, & posters) I can often really relate to the show. However, I think my office is full of a lot more normal people, who I enjoy working with (unlike Creed & that red-headed lady, they're weird & the show could lose both of them & I wouldn't care).


This is a day to remember! Its a Hindu celebration of some sort where all they sing is 3 words: "Hare Krishna Rama." Everybody throws colored & perfumed corn starch on each other after the bonfire is lit. I don't even really think I need to comment on it either. The pictures pretty much say it all.

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