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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disney Dinners!

Taking note from the film Julie & Julia... Jon & I have set some cooking goals! Jon received this cookbook last year for his birthday, filled with recipes from Disneyland, Disney World, & the Disney Cruises. So, once a week we're going to be creating one of their recipes.
Yesterday, we made the famous White Cheddar Soup. It had onions, celery, bacon, beer, white cheddar, flour, chicken broth, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and milk. It was delicious, but we've modified it a bit so next time it will be even better (no Tabasco or beer).
I was really excited to buy the beer, having just turned 21 this past Sunday I was really excited to have someone ID me, the newly legal girl. Sadly though, no one checked my ID, apparently Jon's bald & bearded took away all inklings that we were under 21.


  1. Curtis and I had to buy some beer once because of a slug problem. I felt really mischievous. after we set the bate, I was nervous a neighbor kid might try a swig. We killed about 15 slugs!

  2. I had no idea beer killed slugs. Ya, we dumped the beer afterward. I didn't care to taste (it smells nasty).