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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday Dinner!

Last night we made this amazing almond chicken & ham friend rice! Jon made a marinade for the chicken to soak in for 1/2 an hour, while I made the batter & the sweet & sour sauce. The sauce was basically honey, sugar, ketchup, & vinegar. (Who thinks of that kind of combo?) The chicken was cut into smaller peices, then dunked in the batter, then we boiled that in oil.

I felt so amazing. I have NEVER really felt like a cook, my handsome husband is going to culinary school & he has always been the chef between us. But last night I helped make something truly beautiful & tasty. Its weird, but I felt so accomplished making the chicken, watching it brown in the oil, pulling it out, coating it in warm honey sauce I'd made, and then as I ate it think to myself "this is better than my favorite Chinese Buffet."

Am I a chef? No... I don't think so, but I really enjoy food. I mean I really enjoy it. Its beautiful, its satisfying, and I appreciate those who work so hard to make it for others. Am I a chef? No, but I am an amazing recipe follower! And not to shabby of a "su chef" (I don't know if that's how you spell it) for my husband.


  1. YUM!!! You can cook for me any day and I will call you a chef or Su Chef or really what ever you want to be called as long as you will cook for me. Please please?

  2. Hey Savanna, that looks so yummy. Maybe sometime we could combine that dish with my "killer" ham fried rice, which is the best I've tasted.