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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday - Tuesday

We met Lola, the cutest little lab puppy ever. Only 7 weeks & a total tub. Gotta love that face though. Jon was especially sweet with her, he cuddled up next to her under the table. Say cheese honey!

Happy 25th Birthday Michael!
We went laser tagging at LAZER ASSAULT next to the grocery store with Michael & some of his friends. It was a blast (haha, no pun intended) except that my gun would only hit somebody if I was right up on them. Lame. O well.
We bought Michael 4 lovely steaks for his grilling & devouring pleasure. My brother is actually pretty easy to buy for: food or blue ray dvds or remote control toy. Really not to complex.

We've had to move our special dinner nights to Tuesdays for a while, but thats ok. Tonight we made...
A Cumin Seared Salmon with Garlic Potatoes & Carrots. It was amazing! I don't even really like fish & I loved the way my husbino made this one!

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