Geometric Yellow Shapes

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorful Places

I am needing a vacation. Jon sent me this wonderful slideshow and it made me want to move. I would especially like to visit Burano, Venice. Just look at how beautiful and colorful it is. Makes me homesick.

I just would love to hang laundry between buildings, bake sweet cakes and share them with neighbors that literally are on the other side of the wall. I would like to wear dresses and ride my bicycle everywhere. I'd like to sit outside and sew. Hmmm... I would definitely love to live here for a while.


  1. Oh this is beautiful and seriously tempting! I want to go on one of those vacations that are intended for relaxing, playing and getting tan... makes our cruise last year seem like a distant memory! Time to start capitalizing on our Saturday sunshine... even if we are just in our front yards!

  2. "Sadly, I must report that the last patient I ever treated, the great lover Don Juan DeMarco, suffered from a romanticism which was completely incurable, and even worse, highly contagious."