Geometric Yellow Shapes

Monday, May 23, 2011

Completed Mermaids!

It has taken much longer than I'd like to admit, but I think this is officially finished. This is possibly my proudest painting to date! This may be in part because I have been so uncreative in the past few years, with work, school, marriage, and other things to keep myself occupied. I am glad that I am back on the creative course I have always loved and want to be a part of. I have had a request for a self portrait (Mom) and I'm currently working on something that is very opposite from my normal style, but a fun challenge none the less. Let me know if you have any suggestions/requests and I'll try to work them in. It always helps to get some feedback & fresh ideas.


  1. Oh my gosh this is beautiful!!! I LOVE the different colors in the mermaids' hair in particular!! I also love how the seaweed is so detailed but somehow doesn't distract you from the main focus of the beautiful women!! The mermaid with black hair is so beautiful and pensively happy looking... I think she is my favorite - so mysterious!! Can't wait to see this in person!! Are you going to frame it? How big is it??

  2. Hello Sweet beautiful,
    This painting is incredible. It really showcases how talented you are. Its interesting, but you can tell from how much detail there is an the type of detail in the painting that your life mind is both whimsical and sweet. The best way to see an artists soul and heart is through their works. As the eyes are the nipple of the face, your art is the window to your personality. Great job. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  3. Savanna that is STUNNING! You're so talented!

  4. Thank you guys! It means so much to have my family be my biggest fans!