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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doodle Bug

I spent last night with more of my nieces & nephews and my 8 year old niece Isabel is such a little doodle bug. One of our favorite activities is pulling out grandma's colored pencils & some paper so we can draw. Yesterday, the family was watching Tangled while we drew, so here is our art.

Isabel drew Rapunzel. The cutest part is that the iguana on her shoulder is Pascal. She always wants my input on her art, and I feel so flattered because she's such a natural. I love her and I love that we get to draw together.

My niece Rachel told me I should draw Rapunzel and the floating lanterns, so ta-da!

Of course the whole time I'm bonding with Isabel, Jon is over with Jane & Quinton being the cool Uncle. Or maybe just the comfortable Uncle, because it appears that Jane wants to use him as a pillow, and Q is fast asleep in his arms. Have I mentioned that I love family?

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  1. Ah! This is so cute!!! I can't wait till you can sit and draw with my little ones! You are so talented!!