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Friday, May 13, 2011

Task 15

Do you like to try new things? What about trying something new do you like or dislike?

In theory I LOVE trying new things! New make-up, new clothes, new food, new movies, new books. I love to try something new... with the exception of art. When it comes to art, I'm mostly afraid to try something new (i.e. oil painting). Mostly, because I start to psych myself out. I worry that it'll turn out horrible, and then what? What if it looks awful? Does that make me an awful artist, and then all that time I spent on it is wasted, and the supplies are now used. It overwhelms me. I can't let that keep psyching me out!

I have the sweetest husband ever.

He looked up art classes in Provo & found me this awesome list of classes and I think I'm going to sign up for some of them. Secretly, deep down, I want to do art forever! So I think that training would be advisable.

But tell me, do you like (or dislike) trying new things?

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  1. Nice - you should do it... you might find out how talented you really are!! (thanks Jon)