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Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting back to my roots...

So I am just so grateful for the sun coming out this weekend. Look at how beautiful the backyard is! And our pups sure seemed to enjoy it too. Capone hasn't known much of sunshine. Her whole life has been either snow, rain, or just plain cold weather.

Jon and I took these two on a hike up near Rock Canyon on Friday night. The pups LOVED running around in the little stream by the side of the path and absolutely loved the wide open space. They're so good too, we didn't have to leash them up for our stroll (ok, it wasn't exactly a stroll, but wasn't some intense hike). It was wonderful until we met "Smokes." He was the homeless man camping by the side of said stream. He told us about how the day had lasted longer due to the "shift." He went on to explain Demi Gods & how they had gone into their human forms and that nature was allowing time for their transformation... weird man.

Now... about getting back to my roots. My mom is a southern bell. She always has been and has forever instilled a few of her Southern Upbringings in me. So last night when Jon & I were getting ready for bed, Jon was upset I hadn't made his half of the bed. He likes both halfs to be made up, but I am usually the first in bed and I usually forget. Well, last night I did it. But he came in & said "this is how you make a bed?" My thoughts are, well yes, when you are going to be getting into it momentarily, yes. So I replied:

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth honey."

Jon just burst out laughing! He had never heard of this saying. Go here in case you haven't heard this either. The saying has been around since 1546 and Jon just didn't believe it was a common saying & proceeded to call me a:
Backwards Southern Bumpkin

Then he laughed harder, thinking himself so clever for coming up with such an insult. I'm not upset or offended, because this is just the stuff that Modern Family is made up of!


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  2. Does that make him - Mr. Backwards Southern Bumpkin.... Jon must know you could charm the socks off a snake with your well learned Southern ways my dear darling Savanna Lou, Yawl know it does have it's powers :)