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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 07: Your most treasured item

My journal is probably my MOST treasured item. I have had many of them over the years, this one isn't even a year old yet. I love writing down my feelings. This past Christmas I read through my old journals, and boy was I funny at 13. Boy crazy, creative, and clever to boot. I almost feel like they should be published because of the universal truth in them. Its strange to look back & realize that same girl at 13 influenced who I became when we seem so different. So, I don't have many of my older journals to show you, but I thought I could put in some illustrations from this journal, and my last journal.

This image is from just the other day when the pilot light on our water heater went out & we were forced to take cold showers. I was complaining, and procrastinating the shower.

This is one from about a month ago, when I had Martin Luther King, JR day off & I decided to spruce up our apartment.

This is from my old journal. This is from 2007, the day I received the news that I had gotten into BYU. I was over @ Anna's house & my mom came rushing out of the bathroom to hear the news.

This is from my college days before Jon. I was thinking that it was stupid that you have to have a bunch of lame guys before you find your prince. (I met Jon a month later)

And finally, I was really tired of the "woman" jokes that people tell, people meaning men. The joke that brought on this picture, was "why are women's feet smaller than mens? Because they have to stand closer to the stove." It drove me crazy because it came from a stupid high school pal.


  1. Savanna - you are darling. I had no idea you were SO into journaling! I love that! Your kids will just appreciate that so much!!

  2. I love these. I also love that I have some shining moments in your journal drawings!! That seriously was the best day. Oh, if we'd only known what was ahead of us ;)

  3. You were all over my journal! I just wanted to find the shinning moments! Such good memories!