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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sister Love

So my sister is moving to Ohio today to be with her mom for 6months or longer! I'm so excited for her. I got to spend 3 months with my Dad during the summer I was engaged, and I'm so grateful for that time because I hadn't spent more than a week or two with him since the time I was 3. I was so glad to get to spend time on a day to day basis & I know she is going to find the same kinds of wonderful things about her mother. It just stinks to think I wont be able to see her for so long. This is the most recent photo I have of the two of us, we're at a shooting range with the hubs. I'm also including one taken over 3 years ago, when I was almost 19 & she was a wee 15.

How I love her

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  1. Savy,
    Well i just want you to know that i love you too more than anything. I am sad that i will be living so far from you as well but being here for a day i know it was the right choice. I have a lot going for me as of right now and will be traveling a ton.Hopefully this will give me the chance to be put on my feet and start something new. I am excited and SO glad you were there to support me. I love you dearly and will see you soon, Thank you for everything and youll hear from me shortly:]