Geometric Yellow Shapes

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So have you ever wanted something so badly but felt like the tools weren't there? Or maybe even the talent? Believe me, I am SO there right now. I really LOVE art. To draw, doodle, paint, or just create. I love it all. So here is one of my first efforts to make something digitally. I drew the image by hand, pencil & paper, but then scanned it in and this is my first attempt to photoshop. Someday I hope to illustrate my own stories, but who knows what will happen.

This is supposed to be two children tossed overboard, who believe they are doomed. (Don't worry, in the story they are rescued & all is well)


  1. this looks great, I was missing you artwork on your blog

  2. LOVE it!!! You are seriously SUCH a talent!!!!