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Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 10: The person you've done the most crazy things with


She was the best friend who encouraged me to do what I was too nervous to admit I wanted to try. First one to buy me a thong, first person to go streaking with me, first person to get me into a bikini. I owe so much of my confidence & carefree attitude to Sam. She's been there for the crazy fun, and the serious.

I am so blessed to have these two:


  1. This touches my heart. I want to know Sam - I feel like she is so bold, fun and opinionated (in a good way). Everyone needs a friend that will buy them a thong! I loved your explanation on this one... Please do expand on the streaking thing though?!? Are we talking like skinny dipping or like white flash across the football field before a high school game!? Haha - either way I love it.

  2. Thank you Sam (minus the streaking part/we need to talk Savvy:)Who would have thought in Pville you would find two great friends like Sam & Anna, what a fun group of beautiful girls, I mean married women (geeze-wow)