Geometric Yellow Shapes

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am overcoming my fears! Slowly, and with much encouragement & sometimes chastening from my sweet husband who is always thinking of me. Last August, for our Anniversary he purchased me a kit of brushes, oil paints, and canvases so that I could do what I love: ART! Only, little did my thoughtful spouse know that I have an insane fear of trying new things. I'm sure mostly because I'm petrified that I will stink. I'm perfectly content with mediocrity if that means that I will be completely sufficient at it. But to try something new means that I may very well be completely untalented, and the fear of that is just something I couldn't face. Until... this weekend.

I painted my first oil painting EVER! And while I'm no Van Gough, I am feeling fantastic. Thank you Jon for the oodles of compliments, and although I roll my eyes and say its not that good, deep down it means a lot to me.

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  1. If this helps any, I have always considered you one of the boldest people I know. I know you will do great pursuing new things, this picture shows that!