Geometric Yellow Shapes

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Task 1:

When you were a child, how did you express your creativity?

Based on the date I was 3 years old.

When I was little, I really loved arts & crafts at school. And luckily, I had very supportive parents who encouraged and nurtured that talent. Even before I started school I had begun drawing. I always believed that I was gifted & loved to doodle. One of my moms favorite crafts I ever made was the book I wrote "My Room is a Mess" in 3rd grade where each picture had me looking up into the thought bubble above my head. My eyes were huge, and my mom laughs every time she sees it. I'll have to figure out a way to scan that in someday. I used to get entered into Art Shows with the school & I remember when I received a blue ribbon for this bird collage. I was really proud.

This is me and my pet cat: kittypurr. I was not very creative with names.

I love how on the bottom right I drew Nightmare Before Christmas

Aside from my drawings, I also loved music, singing, dress up, etc. I love these photos my mom sent to demonstrate my darling little creative side:

I loved having blankets, towels, and frequently my brothers pants draped across my head because to me it felt like long hair. I think that its quite clever to drape pants over my head!

My mom made me this darling little play dough doll, and as you can see I came from creative roots.

Finally, I really loved to sing. Unfortunately I don't know how to play an instrument, one of my biggest regrets. (I know Mom, I'm sorry about those Piano lessons that I wasted)


  1. These pictures only make me wish I'd known you sooner! I think you are a little creative genius for putting pants and towels on your head for long hair!

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! Your headgear is just gorgeous, haha. I used to pull my tshirts over my head until the neck was around my hairline and pretend that I had long hair (topless mermaid style??). The pictures of you with your mama are darling too. My mom was just saying yesterday how she hopes my daughters look like a perfect balance between me and you (since you're the girl version of my husband) because that would make them so pretty. I would love that! You were DARLING!!!

  3. Oh Savanna you were a beautiful, wonderful, creative, perfect type child… and I never will get over the fact that I got to be your mother. I wish I knew what words could express what I really mean - but I don’t think even a sonnet or poem could capture my emotions. Art has been a part of you from the beginning, keep on creating and develop your gifts. Thanks again for your lovely art work for our stake girl’s camp (4x’s now). Everyone is looking forward to seeing it again this year, I have seen it and it will not disappoint! (Brit I only hope you get the passion and joyful side of Savvy’s genes too, what a nice blend to have you both in a grandbaby, good luck with that one:) Savvy girl keep up with your good works!!