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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Young Love

So as you know I fell in love with my husband at the ripe old age of 18, and was engaged & married by 19. While being married so young may seem alien, weird, and just plain dumb I have a few opinions about this topic:
  • First of all, physical age doesn't define a person, its their decisions, disposition, maturity, etc that age you. Thats why you can be "forever young," and "wise beyond your years." So before you judge me, keep in mind that I was ready.
  • Second, by "ready" I do not mean that I wasn't naive. It just means that I was ready to make that meaningful commitment. Yes, I was very stupid. I had never had a full time job, never lived on my own, and had never paid for rent, car payments, insurance, etc. There was obviously SO much that a few more years on my own would have prepared me for, but that doesn't mean it wasn't the best decision I ever made.
  • Third & most importantly, I was completely and irrecoverably in love. And if you say that I was too young to know what love is, refer back to #1.
our engagement photo
Jon & I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary. And in memory of that, please enjoy this Q&A my best friend Anna Milne gave to Jon in preparation for my Bridal Shower in 2008:

How/where did you guys meet?
We met on the 14th of January of 2008 in our physical science lab at about 5:30 p.m. (Specific, I know, but I am kind of a nerd) I was in class and I noticed that this beautiful woman with the most amazing curly hair was looking at me. I would look over at her and she would look away. It happened a few times. I was really starting to like it though. It so happened that that day we were doing an experiment that required that we get in groups and I waited towards the back so that I could be in her group. Once we were in the same group she came to me and asked me if she knew me from somewhere. I didn’t recognize her from anywhere but went along with it, because it’s not every day that a gorgeous girls says that she recognizes you. We introduced ourselves and then she told me that she was from California. Towards the end of class I was hoping to walk her home when I saw another man waiting at the door for her. He talked with her in such a way that I thought that they had been friends for a while. I was a little bitter, but I figured that I had until next week, and facebook was always a possibility.

What was the first thing Jon noticed about Savanna?
I looked over from the desk that I was sitting at and I saw this girl with the most amazing hair. It was long and curly and had a reddish tint to it. Her hair was covering her face, but I did notice that she was dressed to impress and laughed kind of loud (you don’t have to tell her that).

What was the first thing Savanna noticed about Jon?
You know what, I am actually not sure! I think that she saw a tall, handsome man that was flirting with her a little bit and she kind of liked it.

If you could pick a dream vacation, would you go?
I personally would probably go somewhere cold, but I know that Savanna would go to a warm place. But wherever Savanna goes, I will follow. She is always cold and I am always hot, so together we make a pretty good couple.

What is Jon’s favorite color?

How many kids would you want to have?
I think 5 would almost be a good number, but as many as Savanna can take we are having!

When/where was your first kiss?
On Sunday night (27 January) when I arrived back in Provo we went out to watch The Princess Bride in a park nearby in my car. The movie was playing, but neither of us was really focusing. I just wanted to kiss her soooo bad! So I stopped thinking about it and just went for it. She then recoiled her head and started laughing! She didn’t think that I was serious! So a few minutes later, I gained the courage up and went for it again. But this time, she didn’t move back and I kissed her.

What kinds of movies does Savanna like?
One of Savanna’s great characteristics is that she can watch and like any type of movie. Almost any Disney movie is already going to be on the top of her list. Peter Pan may be one of her all time favorites.

What is Jon’s favorite type of music?
I love just about any type of music; I like country, rap, alternative, dance, some oldies, just about anything.

What is Savanna’s favorite food?
Sushi, In and out, Orange Works and Arby’s

Describe your first date.
We went to Starbucks on the 16th of January at 7:00 p.m. where she consistently beat me at several card games as if I had never even picked up a deck of cards before. We were sitting at a table next to these two old guys that started talking to us. One was talking to me and the other was talking to her. I was getting frustrated because I felt like these guys were wasting my time. I didn’t want to be rude so I just sat there waiting for them to stop. Then out of nowhere, she interrupted both of them and said “guys, we are on our first date and we want to get to know each other.” I felt super small like I should have been the one that said something. We kept on playing cards and I was constantly looking for new ways just to make contact, by bumping her knee or shaking her hand as she shuffled the cards.

The date went well. I was taking her home and as a missionary would do, asked her when we could go out again, trying to get her to commit, exactly like a missionary. She then answered by telling me that she was already busy that weekend. When a guy hears that the only thing that he thinks of is that she isn’t interested, and that’s exactly how I took it! So I didn’t ask her out for a few days and then she kind of asked me. “Hey, so didn’t you say that you and I would go play some pool? When are we going to go?” When she said that, my heart jumped because, I knew that she was interested too!

If you could have a dog or cat for a pet which would you choose?
I would totally choose a dog. In fact, if I had a choice, I would choose a dog exactly like Peanut. I guess I would change one thing; I would want a dog that loves me too, and not just Savanna!

Does Jon like polo shirts, t-shirts, or button down shirts?
I would say that I rarely just ever wear t-shirts. I like wearing polo’s a lot. I wouldn’t be able to say which I like more between button up shirts of polo’s.

Is Savanna more dressy or a jeans and t-shirt type of girl?
Savanna is so varied. She likes to just relax in some jeans and a hoody and look amazing. On Sundays when she dresses up my heart completely stops. So most of the time it’s just jeans and a shirt though.

What sports or activities did Jon like to do when he was little?
I loved baseball and soccer when I was younger.

What is an embarrassing story of Savanna’s?
She has told me a few stories but unfortunately I don’t remember the embarrassing things. However, there was one small one that was pretty funny. It was after class and we walked back to her apartment. I was just dropping her off and while I was walking away, I turned around as she was going up the stairs and she tripped and nearly ate it on the stairs. I turned around and acted like I didn’t see it, but it was pretty funny.

What is Jon’s favorite subject?
Savanna. If I had to choose one I would say business, or perhaps art.

Where did you guys like to spend most of your free time together?
There are a few places. The library, Barnes and Noble, either one of our apartments and the temple grounds.

What is Savanna’s favorite flower?
This is embarrassing! I am not exactly sure. I have brought her roses before, but I think she liked the other flowers that I brought her which were just a bouquet of spring flowers. Anything with a lot of color strikes her fancy.

How did Jon propose to Savanna?
That’s quite the story! I came down to California on the 2nd of June to come and see her, The next day, we went to Disneyland. Savanna had made me the cutest most creative map that I have ever seen with a set of clues. Each clue led me to a different part of the park. They were all very well thought out and it was obvious that she has spent a lot of time of it. The last clue led me to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Towards the end of the ride in the treasure
room, she handed me the last clue, which actually turned out to be a very sweet poem that said

“I may not glitter
And I am surely not gold
But if you let me be your treasure
I’ll be yours ‘til we’re old
If you ask me that question
You know what I’ll say
Please ask me quickly
Don’t make me wait all day.”

I had the ring in my pocket so I took it out and slipped it on her finger. I just held her close and she whispered in my ear “are you going to ask me?” My heart was beating a million miles an hour and I asked her, and she said yes! Not very romantic, I know. I was actually planning on asking her on the train. I was going to try and wait until night, but the ring was burning a hole in my pocket!


  1. I still remember how awesome (and adorably nerdy) it was that he remembered all the dates and times! Happy almost 3 years!

  2. Oh my gosh this is SOOOO CUTE!!!! I can totally picture young Jon and flirty Savanna stealing glances at one another in physical science class. I was so surprised to learn that it took you only 9 days from your first date until your first kiss! Way to move!! I feel like these questions paint a great picture of what things were like in the Jon and Savanna pre-marriage world - so sweet. Love it.