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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vampires of the Animal Kingdom


I hate hate hate mosquitoes. Although the bible says that most creatures on this planet are for our good, I most definitely believe that mosquitoes are not one of those creatures. They are here to cause grief & insanity from their perpetual itches.

Case in point: On Sunday I was feeling very trendy. I had slipped into my slimming pencil skirt & printed top, feeling ready to take Relief Society by storm (you know that girl everybody thinks is stylin'). So I continued to get ready, all the while in our dimly lit bedroom as my husband slept in. When I got a chance to turn the light on to admire my ensemble I was distraught to see that I had three mosquito bites on my leg. These were no ordinary mosquito bites however, it was as though my leg had had an allergic reaction to the onslaught of fuzzy needle sharp noses. My leg was a swollen pink stub. Off came my cute dress and on came the frumpy maxi, comfy but certainly not transforming me into the trendsetter I wanted to be. Sigh* I guess there is always next Sunday.


  1. Oh my gosh, I completely agree!! I remember one time I was playing a concert in Stresa, Italy where everything is beautiful and cobblestone. The air was warm and damp... perfect for mosquitoes! By the time I got home I felt that I had been eaten alive. My roommates and I sat down to count the bites to a total of 86 just on my two legs. Needless to say, I didn't see too much more of Stresa, Italy.

    I do hear that toothpaste takes away redness though... so next time your hot legs look like pink cucumbers, slap on some Crest and go!

  2. As Savanna's husband, I am here to tell you that everything in the post is true. I photographed the sad event because I didn't think that anyone would believe me.

    - Jonathan