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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last night Jon & I joined our lovely sister-in-law Brit to paint a bedroom in her house, while her husband (my brother) is away at an Internship with Sony working on Men In Black III! What started out as an evening of chatting, taping, painting, and wearing white Home Depot hats ended with quite the shock. We had brought along our two boxer pups, and had been intermittently checking on them as we worked. Around 10pm I went out to check on them and came back inside, face concerned. I told Jon & Brit that I wasn't sure what happened but our dogs had either been bitten by hundreds of bugs, or they were having an allergic reaction to something. We brought them inside & sure enough, they were covered in 100+ bites. Their muscular legs and back dotted with bumps where the hair had been pushed upward. We apologized to Brit for leaving so suddenly and took our pups home, glad that we had Benadryl waiting for our dogs and that we knew how much dosage they could take. After the short 20 minute drive we unloaded the dogs from the car and I was further shocked to see that our 9 month old pup had gone from looking like a bumpy boxer, to a full blown shar pei.
Her face was so swollen she could hardly see out of her eyes, and both cheeks and above her black nose were enlarged. After Benadryl and a good nights rest I am glad to report that she is looking much improved, however her right eye is still a bit swollen. Gia seems completely recovered. Still not sure if it was bugs or a reaction to something.

(My vote is those ding dong mosquitoes, Jon doesn't agree)

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  1. Oh my gosh so sad!!! This is probably a great indicator of how good of a puppy-mama I am, but after you left I put my dogs outside to see if anything would happen to them (mostly as a test to see if it was mosquitos or not) and they came back inside 30 mins later completely fine. My guess is that there is some plant out there that your sweet little ones are both highly allergic to. I also went out the next morning to make sure there were no ant hills that had been disturbed but couldn't find anything of the sort.