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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Just Got A Blog!


So, blogs have kind've been on my mind lately. I watched Julie & Julia, about a blog and food, in case you're wondering. I realized pretty much all of my friends have their own. And today at work, I heard about this great idea where you post a picture each and every day of the year in order to:

1. find something to blog about &
2. get yourself taking more pictures

So here I am blogging away. How great is that? I've been told today the world is full of more narcissistic people than ever. I guess I just joined that group, because I am assuming that someone would actually enjoy reading about my young & fairly normal life. I keep a journal also, and technically I am keeping it with the thought that someone in the future is going to want to know what I think about, so technically I'm just the epitome of narcissism.

The picture included is a photo of my desk at work. Ya, I'm on my lunch break. That's a cactus cooler on the desk. I forgot my lunch at home. My husband was sweet enough to put it in a container in the fridge for me too, and I forgot it. O well, I'll just be extra hungry when I get home.

About Me:

I'm guessing most of you know me, so I think I will include 5 things you may or may not know about me...

1. If I could live, die, and be buried in Disneyland... I would
2. My favorite colors to wear are purple and grey, but not necessarily together
3. I am planning to be famous to someone someday
4. When I was little I believed in Peter Pan just as much as I believed in Santa Claus
5. I draw pictures constantly

So there is a little more about me. Hopefully I didn't bore you, and if I did, thats ok, because I can already tell... I'm going to love blogging!


  1. nice- clean desk Savy girl... I will love to follow 365 of you!

  2. word to both numbers 1 and 3. luff it.