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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DAY 14: Wednesday

Today was Mike, Jon's Dad's Birthday! Well officially it is on Saturday the 23rd, but we wanted to celebrate as a family. A few weeks ago, when Jon & I were in Disneyland, we saw a statue and knew it would be the perfect present for Mike. It was a bronze replica of the statue in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. The one of Walt holding Mickeys hand and gazing over the park. We called up all of Jon's siblings and asked if they wouldn't mind pitching in so we could get it for him.

Wednesday night came and I excitedly wrapped the gift thinking what great gift givers we are! Little did I know how much Mike would appreciate this gift from his children. Isabel & Evan were there, and helping grandpa open each of his birthday presents. When ours came, they happily tore at the paper. Mike saw the image of the statue on the outside of the box and slowly his mouth turned down, and his eyes began watering. Isabel & Evan knew it was time to let grandpa finish unwrapping. He held the statue gentle in his hands and shed silent tears, saying "thank you" over and over.

The greatest part about birthdays, holidays, & presents are the ones that really mean something to the receiver. How grateful I was that day, to have been part of those that gave.

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