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Monday, January 18, 2010

DAYS 11 & 12

Day 11
Sunday dinner's with Jon's family. We had some amazing spaghetti and meatballs. Honestly, I don't crave that very often, but smelling that while Derin was cooking was absolutely divine. I wanted nothing else by the time dinner came around.
Dave wanted a special desert and only had it off of his iphone, it was a Betty Crocker recipe for "chocooooolat dream bars." Derin could't figure out his phone, so Dave had to read it to her step by step. Thus ensued the most hilarious recipe reading in history. Dave would start back at step one each time and say "did you do that mom?" O my goodness it was driving her crazy. Jon and I just thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing. Finally tho, the recipe was read and the dream bars were baked, cooled, & devoured.

Day 12
Jon and I had Monday off of work. It was so nice to sleep in until noon, my job doesn't give me that luxury very often. We ate our casual lunch at McDonald's of McDoubles for $1. Yes, that is 5 whole McDoubles Jon has.
When we came home we cleaned up our bedroom. I wish I could show you the before, instead of just the after, because that would show you what an improvement this is. Basically, our bedroom had become the storage space. Everything that didn't fit in other areas of the apartment were sent to our room. The result was basically chaos, and although I didn't realize it at first, I was becoming increasingly grumpy due to the clutter. But now just look at it!

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