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Friday, January 8, 2010


Puppies are wonderful! Tank (Mike & Brit's puppy who is spending the weekend with us while they're out of town) is just fun and everything is done with all his energy, he plays so hard. One second he'll be gnawing on your fingers and the next he's out, snuggling up in your arms. Its so nice to be reminded of simple joys in life: eating, sleeping, playing, and being loved. If I could be reincarnated after I die, I think I'd like to be a teacup chihuahua. Think about it. I don't know about anyone else, but sleeping and being snuggled all day sound like the life to me.

Today Anna came over and visited us! I missed that girl. It was so nice to just have her here and not have to talk about anything in particular. She told us all about the amazing people she met while in Ukraine and I realized how much people mean to me.

I believe in eternal families, that they will be together forever. And I believe that when all families are eternal, that will tie all of us together. I can feel the connection when I am with the ones I care about. I can just tell that they'll always be important. I don't know if that means we're going to be neighbors in heaven. I think it might be like those friends where no matter how long you've been apart you always know how special you are to them, and it's almost as if you never left.

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  1. this is seeing the pup & Anna, Jon is sweet to take such good care of you, get better soon.