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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 10

Day 10 - Saturday

Jon worked today, but we were able to go out to Lon's Cook Shack! We had never been before. They had this amazing BBQ sauce. I had the pulled pork sandwich and Jon had the beef brisket. Boy that was yummi! (Jon despises that word) They have this spicy competition coming, and if you're able to eat this item in a time limit, you get your face put on the wall! Jon & I aren't doing it, but I'm thinking we should get Michael to do it, he has a knack for spicy things. Ok, Michael just has a knack for eating things in general.

Later we went out and Jon got two games for the PS2, someday I'll get him the PS3, but not today. I would like you to look closely at those eyes of my husbands... look very close. Notice anything? Can You see how his eyes are slightly ascew? He thinks its hilarious to do that in every picture we take. So I've decided to let the world see his "adorable" face. If I sounds bitter its only because it is frustrating to take a picture and have ... that.

I know I am very sarcastic, but in reality, I am so happy to be living! I have a great job, we live in a beautiful apartment right down the road from my brother, we're able to see Jon's family every week, and on top of all this, I want for nothing. For example, today I got my acrylic nails filled. I'm just so lucky.

My husband is so wonderful. I'm kind of a sleepy head and usually go to bed before he does. When he comes in he always hugs me, tells me how much he loves me, and then cuddles with me for the rest of the night. And in the morning when I leave for work, he smiles sleepily and kisses me. Whenever he can he always picks me up from work for lunch and we go to McDonald's and get McDoubles for $1. Whenever I get ready to go anywhere, he always tells me how beautiful I look. Always, even if I don't agree. And he loves to make me meals, and they're thoughtful meals. The other night I mentioned that I was in the mood for soup, offhandedly, and the next night he made me this amazing creamy turkey noodle soup. Honestly, I don't believe I have anything to complain about.

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