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Monday, June 13, 2011

All in the Garden

We have our own little garden area surrounding our entry way. It makes me SO happy to see the little blossoms greeting me every morning.

This is our little herb garden box that Jon actually made last year. Its mostly filled with flowers, but there are a few chives that have grown back from the herbs we planted last year.

This is a juniper that Jon clipped to looking like a bonsai. It sits near the end of our box and we even have a solar spotlight which lightly illuminates it at night!

This is a hanging basket that Jon actually bought me for my birthday back in March. We don't know how, but it has survived all the snow and is still going strong! I think hanging baskets might be my new favorite way to display flowers.

We actually bought this flower basket on Saturday, from a little booth on the side of the road by the freeway entrance on Center Street. Only $15 for this beautiful, flower filled basket. I'm loving summer!

Beautiful entry way.

While I was outside Jon was having some bonding time with our pups.


  1. Flowers make everything beautiful! Your entryway is so refreshing and bright!! I bet it makes you feel even more gorgeous every time you walk past them!

  2. Savanna is so beautiful that when she walks by the flowers they open the pedals a little more, stand a little taller and shine just a little brighter! The best fertilizer that a gardener could use is a tall glass of Savanna and it will make even the most stunning of gardens burst with color and vibrancy!