Geometric Yellow Shapes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Task 29:

Photograph your favorite feature.

My tootsies

I have a love for my feet. They get me everywhere, been through everything, and seem to be able to keep on walking even when I'm tuckered out. I believe it all started from my amazement with movent when I was little. My parents tell me countless stories where they caught me running, face down looking directly at my shoes, about to run into a wall. They didn't always catch me unfortunately. But I honestly remember why it amazed me so, because how on earth did my feet know to walk without me actually thinking "right foot move, now left foot, etc." I couldn't believe I wasn't cognitively thinking up the commands, and would test it, thinking "stop walking" to see if they would. Of course, to my little brain it was in much simpler terms. But still, I love my feet. Maybe the love came from all the times my mom told me I had the most beautiful baby feet, with little "fat parts" on the toes. I think thats why I love chubby feet, like mine. Or maybe I learned to love my feet after my first pedicure, when I looked down at my newly tipped toes and realized that they were beautiful. Anyway, I love other parts of me too but I think tootsies are one of the odd cute parts of me that don't get much attention.

Here is to you feet, for carrying me through this sometimes difficult life.


  1. You DOO have the cutests little tootsies I have ever seen!!! And I can't believe they still look so amazing from our pedicure! You must take supreme care of those babies!! And I love the red sandals - new??

  2. YES! It was a gift from Jon on Saturday. He treated me at the mall to two pairs of cute shoes, a necklace, and an undershirt. He's the cutest.