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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Most Thoughtful Husband

Jonathan Rodriguez, is the sweetest husband!

This morning what I thought was going to be a lazy regular Saturday, turned out to be a well thought out plan meant especially for me. We headed out this morning to spend some time together at BYU by going to the Museum of Art. Unfortunately, that didn't open until 10am and we got there at about 9:20. We decided to walk around BYU instead, and happened to run into a book fair. It turned out in our favor because we got warm roasted almonds from a local vendor. They were delicious. I loved walking hand and hand with my love in the place where we first met. Afterward we drove around the Provo temple, just enjoying this beautiful Saturday. There we ran into Aubrey Barker, Jon's cousin and one of my closest friends. She invited me to shopping with her, and so I headed off. I had no idea that this was anything but a chance meeting. Jon gave me some cash & thoughtful note, and told me to have fun shopping. I didn't think anything of it again (silly me). Aubrey & I spent some time at Cherry Lane Boutique off University.

Then Aubrey and I headed off to the mall, where we ran into Brit. Again I believed it was a chance meeting. Silly naive me. Brit explained she was getting her nails done & invited me to go along. I didn't want to just ditch Aubrey, but Aubrey suggested I go & said she had to go somewhere else & handed me a thoughtful note. Suddenly, I KNEW this was all a part of a bigger scheme. I knew the only one who could be behind it was Jon.

After our pedicures Brit took me to a nearby salon and where we got HAIR FEATHERS! I was so excited! Jon & I had seen these about a month ago and I had LOVED them, but had forgotten about them. Jon didn't though. He remembers everything that I love! Both Brit & I were so excited for our fun additions to our hair which only took about 10 minutes to put in.

After putting our cute feathers in, my brother Michael picked me up to see Kung Fu Panda II. Brit left me after giving me her own thoughtful note! I was aware of the routine by now, but was really wondering when I was going to see my sweet husband. I enjoyed every second of Kung Fu Panda with Michael. We watched the first one together when I was still engaged to Jon. After the movie, Michael gave me his note & Jon picked me up. My evening wasn't over, as we went on a hike with our two pups and later to a park with a fun river that our dogs absolutely loved. After leaving the park wet and happy, we found Mike & Brit at home ready to eat dinner (a dinner that Jon had spent hours preparing) with us.

WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE I HAVE! I have already put the heart felt messages my family wrote to me in my journal so that I'll always have their sweet words. Don't forget to show those you love how much they mean to you! Maybe you don't have to plan something this elaborate, but I know that this is a Saturday I'll never forget. I love you Jon!


  1. FUNNEST SATURDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVED spending time with you this weekend... doing fun girly things was the cherry on top!! Thank you for being the best sister a girl could ask for. I love you a million times a million. And your hair feather looks HOTT.

    PS. Thank you so much Jon for such a fun time and amazing dinner!!!

  2. PS. I LOVE those hat pictures!! I think my favorite is the third one :-)

  3. What a sweet husband!! Looks like a super fun day!!