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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

View Master Reel

I found this awesome OLD school view master reels of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. I've always loved that version of the Little Mermaid, because it is so sad. There is only a happy ending because of mermaid's sacrifice.

She dreams of other worlds

After his ship sinks, she saves the handsome prince, and falls in love.

She watches to make sure he safely found.

She makes a deal to gain legs, but each times she walks it will feel as though she walking on shards of glass. And she will die if she does not marry the prince.

She finds the prince, but he is already in love with another.

She must either kill the prince on his wedding night or die, she loves him so much, she cannot harm him. She says goodbye to the bride & groom.

Her sisters lament her death, but she is received in heaven.


  1. I have never heard this version of Little Mermaid but it has such a 'real' feeling to it... Despite the fact that there are mermaids and sea devils... It is more realistic and has a feeling of tragic charm, if that combination is allowed. The art is beautiful. Are those dioramas or paintings?

  2. They are dioramas. The original Reel's would have had two images, one just slightly to the left of the other making them appear 3D in the View Master! I remember growing up with one of these that had dioramas of dinosaurs. So fun!