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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Vacation: Part 2

Mike & Brit came in late Thursday night, so we woke up bright & early to get into Disneyland to get our Star Tours fast passes. Brit & I were most excited for our maiden voyage on Ariel's Undersea Adventure! You probably couldn't tell though from our attire. All day long we were getting giggles and comments on where we bought our cute seashell bras. My Dad was serious about us purchasing more of those, painting them and selling them "under the radar" at Disneyland. We did so many new things at the park we hadn't done before:
  1. rode the revamped Star Tours - which was amazing & had us all wondering what took them so long to update it.

  2. went to the petting zoo at Thunder Mountain Ranch - the goats were so cute & tired, they just let you hug them
  3. rode the newest California Adventure ride Ariel's Undersea Adventure - seriously reminded me why I loved mermaids so much growing up, its definitely a close second to my longtime favorite Peter Pan
  4. went to elecTRONica the new psychedelic dance party on Hollywood Blvd. in DCA and saw the most amazing Laserman!
We had a great time, but mostly just because we were together!

But... I have just a few more pictures I feel that I MUST share :) Enjoy...

Dead Center of the Park!
Our stinker husbands ruined what would have been a darling picture... although, I might love this version more. Not sure which is better: Jon's face or Michael's sneaky finger.
Michael really wanted to wear both our mermaid headbands.

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  1. Hahahaha!! This is so cute!! The only thing better than this last weekend is the next one we will go on someday soon!! I love how creepy we all look in the Star Tours 3D glasses. And you look super hot in your seashell bra!!