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Monday, June 27, 2011

June Vacation: Part 1

After a very fun & very long weekend, I am home. And as much fun as traveling is, nothing beats coming home to your mattress & pillows that are perfectly molded to fit your body.

Japanese Garden

So our weekend started out at 4am on Thursday morning. Jon & I woke up, got our pups packed & in the car & headed out. After little traffic and a couple pit stops we found ourselves in Irvine! On to our first destination, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB. It was so spectacular. The pond had hundreds of Koi fish, and they had been trained to eat directly out of your palm. They even make this funny slurping sound! But the garden itself was magnificent! We got there a little late, just before it closed at 3:30pm, but luckily were able to enjoy its serenity and peaceful organization.


  1. So fun! I'd probably scream when the fish sucked my hand cause I'm silly like that :)

  2. I loved that site! They had such cute ideas! And I plan to do that love letter thing for sure! I've got a pretty good collection haha. I would love to get together! These next two Saturdays we have family reunions but what about a Saturday after that?? I would love to also do a craft on there that was "magazine art" and another that was these basket mirror decorations. Let me know your Saturday schedule!

  3. Oh my gorgeous! You are right - the beauty in these gardens comes from TLC but also from how organized they are! So excited to read part 2!! xoxo