Geometric Yellow Shapes

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I am VERY happy today! Why you might ask?
  • because today is my last day at work this week
  • because tomorrow Jon I will wake up at the crack of dawn for a road trip
  • because I love being with Jon for long periods of uninterrupted time
  • because that road trip is taking us to California
  • because we are going to a Japanese garden in Long Beach
  • because while we are in Long Beach we are going to Roscoe's for chicken & waffles
  • because Mike & Brit will drive in before midnight
  • because we are all going to DISNEYLAND on Friday morning
  • because we will be riding the new Little Mermaid & Star Tours rides
  • because we will watch Billy Hill & the Hill Billies with Dad & Rachel
  • because we're going to the beach on Saturday
  • because I have a cute new swimsuit to wear to the beach
  • because I hope to get some color on my white legs

but mostly because I get to be with my family all weekend long!

In anticipation for the fun photos we'll be taking this weekend, here is one from our last trip to Disneyland! See you next week!


  1. Seriously... I want to take this moment to tell you how excited I am for Little Mermaid and the beach and wearing our seashell bras and spending time with your parents but all I can think about is how hot you are in that picture. Smokin!! That is one lucky pirate man!!!

  2. You guys go to Disneyland more than any couple I know, haha!

  3. It helps when your Dad gets you an annual pass & lives 15 minutes from the park :)