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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Task 24:

What is your "Creative Bucket List"? List 12 creative things you want to learn more about or that you want to do to inspire your creative soul.

1. To really know the Human Body - It is remarkable how many muscles are beneath the skin, and understanding how they bend, flex, and sit will help me draw fuller and more life like beings

2. Oil Painting - I want to learn to properly use this medium

3. Water Colors - I want to learn all the techniques so that I know my options when designing a picture

4. To go to the Louvre Museum in Paris and be surrounded by all my inspiriations

5. To illustrate a published book

6. To be in a magazine, either as the focus of an article, or possibly the author or design artist for the page.

7. My own Studio - just a room, nook or cranny to call my own that has a desk and some drawers.

8. Paint my children's bedroom walls with larger than life murals.

9. Open a booth at a local fair to do face painting.

10. To learn to play the piano - at least one song!

11. To make a demo CD of myself singing, preferably lullabies.

12. Direct a play.


  1. Oh my goodness - these are beautiful goals!! Completely attainable!! You should print them on a postcard to hang on your mirror/at your desk so you can check them off one at a time!! LOVE THIS.

  2. Can you see me nodding and smiling… well I am! This sounds perfect and so right up your alley of talents… I have to agree with Brit, put it on your mirror today! Just one change, I think you need to write that book you want to illustrate cause you could you know - Ms Mega Talented Lady Person that you soooo are… (where is the sincerely mean it like button on your blog!!)