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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Vacation: Part 3

Flower & Garment District in Los Angeles

After searching through the streets of Los Angeles we finally found ourselves in the Districts! There is a jewelry, electronic, fabric, flower and garment districts. There may even be others I don't even know about. They are just filled with stores & stands selling things for dirt cheap. We stumbled across the Flower District, and it was wonderful! Warehouses filled with inexpensive foliage! Then onto the Garment District to find Michael the perfect pair of glasses.

Venice Beach

My memories of this beach are few, but they mostly include lots of brightly dressed roller bladers and body builders. That was not the vision we encountered this trip. Instead it was lots of tattood people, hobos, and others that I think were high, but I'm honestly not sure I know what that looks like. They were also selling all their wares at what appeared to be their beach side market which was filled with fun, eclectic goods. And the beach itself was gorgeous.

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  1. I love the pic of you and Jon on the beach - so gorgeous!! And seriously... medical marijuana is totally legal to sell by the pound, right?!