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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birth of My Brother!

On this day 26 years ago my brother was welcomed into this world as my parents pride and joy... UNTIL I CAME ALONG 4 YEARS LATER! Kidding.

I remember all growing up feeling like we were so different. He was this older brother with dark hair & tan skin & I was his annoying younger sister who was blonde & pale. People were so amazed at how different we looked & how different we were because of our age difference. I always admired & loved him, like any loyal little sis, but knew he wouldn't be playing Barbie with me anytime soon.

When we got older my friends were in LOVE with him, and came over just to chance run into him and ooohh and ahhh at his muscles. When I got to High School all my teachers told me how much they loved him and the senior girls were nice to me only because the recently graduated jock in my family tree.

Finally when I got to college, Michael offered for me to go on double dates with his buddies & him, began inviting me to hang out at his apartment & I began to realize that all these years of being told how different Michael & I were had really been a waste. We were exactly the same person, just male & female personifications of it! It was like discovering a twin or long lost friend you never knew! I never knew I could have this much fun with my brother.

So to wrap up, I am SO glad to have a big brother like him, and I'm so glad that he was born!
Happy Birthday Michael!


  1. Oh I'm SOO happy you both were born!!! What a stud that brother of yours is!! Seriously... you should see him... just kidding! Love you both dearly dearly!! So happy to end my name in Murdock!! Happy Birthday sweet honey!!!!!

  2. Wow, what a fun post! I'm so glad that we became such good friends and that you married such a fun guy!! I sure do hope we always live this close to one another. You are awesome sis and I'm glad that we discovered how similar we both are. Thanks for bein such a great sister and friend. Love ya

  3. Wowzers...This is WAY better than my birthday post! Have a good one Michael.


  4. I love this! I still remember going to Provo for General Conference when Heidi and Michael were freshman. I told Michael, "Man, you are a lot like Savanna!" meaning it as a wonderful compliment and he looked so confused and was like, "Really?" Hahaha! You guys are such awesome siblings.

  5. Surprise! it really is my special day when your birthdays come around, things were so much better after you were born - can't imagine life without you both!! being "Mama" is the best gift ever.