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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 14: Someone you couldn't imagine your life without

Jonathan, my husband

Honestly I couldn't be without him. He's all the things I need, logical when I'm all emotions. Sweet when I'm all whine. Muscle when I'm all whimp. He's my handsome man & I can't imagine life without him. I can't believe we'll have been married 3 years this August.

Three things that have changed from having Jon in my life:
1. Sleeping - I hated having someone close to me when we were first married, but Jon forced me to let him hug me while we slept. Although that took a while, I can't imagine a night without him now.
2. Eating Out - Jon has taught me how to appreciate food & being served. I can't go out to great food without wishing Jon was there to enjoy it with me
3. Driving - since we've been married I've really come to appreciate sitting in the passenger seat & not having to stress about the thick traffic.

Jon's taught me so much. About growing up and being responsible, about working together as a team. He's brought me closer to my Savior, and has been such an example of endless love for family. He will be there at a moments notice for anyone who needs it. He is the patriarch of our little family, and he loves me eternally. I never understood how much love can grow for one person until I had him.

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  1. Just want to say (tears) that I am so (tears) hap(tears again)py for (sniff) you (blink)and (more tears) Jon! there I said it!! I would write more but an blinded by the tears...