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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 17 - Something that has made an impact on your life recently


I don't know why, but I have realized my innate desire to draw & doodle my brains out! Jon has been so supportive of me, buying me colored pencils, paint brushes, art pads, and oil paints. He's just the sweetest spouse. I have been putting off drawing because I can't leave my art out. Sometimes you need to be able to do a little work, and let it sit, coming back to it later with fresh eyes. We unfortunately live in a small one bedroom basement with a very very small table which serves as counter space + our dinning table + our desk for computers & work + anything else we need a table top for. So this limited space does not allow me to leave my work out for days at a time until I'm ready to leap back in again.

This has been a challenge.

I think I've figured it out though. I've been trying to do just a little bit of art every day. Whether it be writing in my journal to doodle the events, or using my colored pencils on a paper drawing, or pulling out the water colors for a quick picture. So I guess the thing that has made the greatest impact is the realization that I can contribute to & grow my talents in small ways, not just in huge projects.

So here is one I colored the other night. Just a mermaid, it wont take too long to finish her.

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  1. Savanna I swear you are just incredible. I'm glad you have started practicing again... for when you paint my kids' rooms of course! Strap on your painting gloves my dear (in like 10 years)!! You are a natural born TALENT!!