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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Story

I wrote this in High School, however, I still think its a fairly good story. I'm going to start posting the bits that I have on here, and you guys can tell me what you think. There are big chunks of the story missing, but I figure now is as good a time as any to start this up again. So some of these may be older, some newer, all hopefully will combine together to eventually make a book.

Just FYI, its loosely based off my own life, mostly my two best friends Sam & Anna, whom I grew up with. Enjoy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The summer of Lucy’s seventeenth year was the same as it had been every other year, aside from the fact that she could now drive and had her own job. She had been preparing for her three month break since Christmas. Her summer was short and simple and consisted of ten things she wanted and was going to get done:

1. Get job
2. Convince mom I need a car
3. Take road trip with Danny and Meg
4. Swim every day
5. Fit into size 6 jeans
6. Get Boyfriend
7. Become a real artist
8. Get cell phone
9. ?
10. See dad

Its hot… so hot. I can feel the sweat slowly sliding down my back. Once again we turned off the air conditioning to save money. Its not helping that mom is cooking chicken. On a Saturday morning two weeks before summer the temperature already is over 100 degrees. My shirt is moist and heavy. It sticks to my chest and legs as I paint my toes bright red to match my fingernails. I keep checking the clock, 3:13…3:14 …3:16…
I blow my nails and lay flat, letting my body heat spread in hopes that I will cool off. My soft long, thin hair stays on my neck and forehead. 3:23. I sigh and sit up, searching the floor for my drawing pad. Bingo. I open my latest sketch. Soft, graphite lines reveal a shoulder, a chin, a nose. My step-sisters face, Marty. Her full name is Marthiellus Ruth Grant. She’s named after both her grandparents. Her mom isn’t a creative creature & didn’t quite understand what she was getting her daughter into by naming her after the ancient women. My picture doesn’t give her credit though; she is fiery and sweet, smart yet bold, she smiles while glaring… somehow, I have to portray that through my picture. When I learn how to do that, I will be an artist. #7. Next to draw is her eyes, they are like almonds, her small brown eyelashes soften the shape and her eyebrows define them. I am just working on the second eye when someone knocks.
“Who is it?”
Aaron, my eight year old brother peers into my room. “Mom says she needs you.” I glance at my drawing. Sighing I close the book and head for the kitchen. She wants to teach me to cook, I’m sure.


  1. Post chunk #2 now please! I love your style and am dying to hear more! How REAL!

  2. you are very talented Miss Savvy... I read this before (when you were in HS) and liked it both times, it does get even better Brit so I hope too she will soon post more!!

  3. I am SO happy you will be posting these!!! They need to get out there, and besides, I can't wait to remember about us :) Those were the days! And now these will be the days, because you will be posting them :)